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I really want to go back to Argentina after I graduate to work. I'm not sure exactly how this will work out in terms of money, but I had an excellent internship there that I would be interested in following up on, and I made some great connections within the theatre community as well.

Simone Stadler ‘13, CIEE Liberal Arts in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Spring 2012


Domestic Programs


Study Abroad Programs

England/Italy –  London & Florence: Arts in Context


Language: English

Prerequisites: Juniors, seniors preferred; previous course work in studio art, art history, theatre, history and literature strongly encouraged.

Housing: dormitory-style rooms in London, students provide own meals; host family in Florence.

Details: Study with Americans, limited curriculum. Eight weeks in each city, one week break between cities; three-week intensive Italian option in early January for those who start in Florence. Study two cities through architecture, painting, sculpture, literature and theatre; wide range of field trips, plays and speakers.


Ghana – ISEP: University of Ghana, Legon

Fall, spring

Language: English, beginning Twi language course

Prereqs: 3.0 gpa, previous coursework with African content recommended; students expected to enroll in a beginning Twi language course at the University of Ghana.

Housing: International student hostel on campus, stipend provided for meals.

Details: Study with Ghanaian and international students; School of Performing Arts offers many courses in dance, theater, drama in African societies; Institute of African Studies (beginning level courses), courses in history, political science, economics at beginning to advanced levels; orientation program; resident director; sports and volunteering available. 


Italy – Accademia Dell’Arte, Arezzo

Fall, spring

Language: English with Italian language study.          

Prereqs: junior, senior; prior coursework in theater.

Housing: residence halls or common housing in villa on campus, weekend meals not included.

Details: Courses in acting, ballet, dance, drama/theater, film studies, Italian language, Italian studies, mask making, opera, performing arts, puppetry, singing/voice, storytelling, theater arts. 


United Kingdom – IES London Theater Studies*

Fall, spring

Language: English

Prereqs: Junior or senior standing preferred; 3.0 gpa, English universities may require higher gpa if taking university classes; previous coursework relevant to your field and to the understanding of England; additional application requirements for internship and study at a university.

Housing: Shared rooms in IES international residence hall, kitchen facilities, students provide own meals; homestay, included meals depend upon commute time.

Details: Required core course “Theatre in London: Analyzing Text & Performance” and select additional courses from IES workshops in creative and performing arts , theater courses and tutorials, theater internship, partner university course or IES Study London course; field study and excursions.

Scholarships: IES scholarships for merit, need and diversity.

United Kingdom - ISEP - University of East London

United Kingdom - Goldsmiths College, University of London

United Kingdom - ISEP - University of Sunderland


United Kingdom - University of Bristol, England




United Kingdom-University of Essex, Essex                                    

Fall, Spring

Language: English

Prereqs: n/a

Housing: Students provide own meals, live in university owned accommodations.


Domestic Programs

ACM: Chicago Arts, Chicago

Fall, spring

Prereqs: Junior or senior standing preferred, approval through campus selection process, previous coursework relating to social change.

Housing: Program students housed in double rooms in apartments with cooking facilities located in Chicago neighborhoods; students provide own meals.

Details: 4 units of credit: a city-centered Core Course, a choice of Seminar course topics; an internship connecting academics to the world of work; an independent study project related to the student’s academic goals, often linked to the internship. 


O’Neill National Theater Institute,  Waterford, CT*

Fall, spring

Prereqs: Junior or senior standing, previous coursework in theater; proven ability to handle demands of disciplined theater work, positive ensemble member, determination to complete program; in person interview preferred, or by phone; particular attention paid to letters of evaluation.

Housing: On-site, meals served 7-days a week.

Details: Rigorous, conservatory-based theater training, diverse curriculum, intensive experience for serious students; coursework in five primary elements: Acting, Directing, Playwriting, Movement & Voice, and Design; classes 7-days a week, 14 weeks; two week suspension of classes for international travel or work with a major theater company; special workshops, guest artists and theater trips; public presentation of a final project.


* Exceeds the cap on tuition transfer off-campus.


Last updated: 9/2013