Theatre, Dance and Media Studies

I really want to go back to Argentina after I graduate to work. I'm not sure exactly how this will work out in terms of money, but I had an excellent internship there that I would be interested in following up on, and I made some great connections within the theatre community as well.

Simone Stadler ‘13, CIEE Liberal Arts in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Spring 2012

 Dance students study off-campus to gain new perspectives on their field, to learn about dance performance in a new setting, and to develop cross-cultural understanding by becoming immersed in another culture. 

Taking dance classes in a different language allowed me to see the form differently, also the classes I took gave me new perspectives.

Claire Alrich '13, Buenos Aires, Spring 2012


Note: Because dance is not taught at many universities, students should seek dance opportunities outside of class. Look for student clubs, dance companies, public schools, children’s programs and theaters as places to volunteer or get involved.  Consider arranging to do a special project with a Beloit faculty member while you are abroad.

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Theatre, Dance and Media Studies: Study Abroad Programs

Argentina - CIEE Buenos Aires

Fall or spring, academic year

Language: Spanish

Prereqs:2.75 GPA, 5 semesters of college level Spanish or equivalent, Spanish language course within the past year recommended, College level coursework in Latin American studies recommended.

Housing: Housing, breakfast, and one additional meal per day are included in the study abroad program fee. Students live in private homes. Homestay hosts come from various lifestyles, and students are matched with local homestays based on the student preferred living environment. Other meals may be eaten in the wide variety of restaurants and/or cafés throughout the city, or even prepared at home.

Details: Participants enroll in Spanish language courses designed especially for CIEE study abroad students. Other CIEE courses offered at FLACSO are taught in Spanish to CIEE students only. Students also enroll directly in host university classes with Argentine students and other international students. CIEE organizes activities such as visits to museums and festivals, trips to local soccer games, and theater and dance performances.

Australia – ISEP: Macquarie University, Sydney 

Fall or spring (southern hemisphere calendar)

Language: English

Prereqs: 2.5 gpa, 3.0 for internship; previous coursework in field to qualify for advanced courses.

Housing: On campus residence halls/off-campus apartments, students provide own meals.

Details: Study with local students; department of Society, Culture, Media and Philosophy offers courses in intercultural relations, Australian media, global knowledge society, public relations, and media production; orientation and guide to Sydney on line; internships possible, volunteer opportunities available. 

Belgium - Vesalius College, Brussels   

Spring, fall

Language: English, with French and Dutch language study and French literature taught in French

Prerequisites: gpa 2.7, junior or senior standing; prior coursework in international relations strongly recommended.

Housing: Vesalius assists students in arranging housing, home stays available.

Details: Small English language liberal arts college, courses in business, international relations and communications (few advanced courses available) and established internships in Brussels for credit including TV and journalism; study with local and international students; rich cultural environment; high prevalence of English makes this a poor destination for language immersion.   

England/Italy –  London & Florence: Arts in Context


Language: English

Prerequisites: Juniors, seniors preferred; previous course work in studio art, art history, theatre, history and literature strongly encouraged.

Housing: dormitory-style rooms in London, students provide own meals; host family in Florence.

Details: Study with Americans, limited curriculum. Eight weeks in each city, one week break between cities; three-week intensive Italian option in early January for those who start in Florence. Study two cities through architecture, painting, sculpture, literature and theatre; wide range of field trips, plays and speakers. 

Ghana – ISEP: University of Ghana, Legon

Fall, spring

Language: English, beginning Twi language course

Prereqs: 3.0 gpa, previous coursework with African content recommended; students expected to enroll in a beginning Twi language course at the University of Ghana.

Housing: International student hostel on campus, stipend provided for meals.

Details: Study with Ghanaian and international students; School of Performing Arts offers many courses in dance, theater, drama in African societies; Institute of African Studies (beginning level courses), courses in history, political science, economics at beginning to advanced levels; orientation program; resident director; sports and volunteering available. Extensive dance course list in African and world dance traditions and its connections to theatre and music.

India – ISEP: University of Hyderabad 

Fall(fall semester starts end of July), spring, academic year

Language: English, with language study in most Indian languages.

Prereqs: Must have junior or senior standing, 3.0 gpa, previous coursework relative to the understanding of India.

Housing: Single or double room on-campus, and shared bath; meal plan.

Details: One of India’s newest, smallest (2000 students) and best-equipped university campuses; study with Indian and international students; courses in communication, including television production, available; orientation, access to campus sports and cultural programs.  Study in India Program (SIP) courses for visiting students including dance and women’s studies; courses in Sanskrit as well as directed field studies offer opportunities to explore this historic and changing nexus of Islam and Hinduism.

Indonesia-SIT: Arts, Religion and Social Change, Bedulu               


Language: English, and courses are taken for Bahasa Indonesia language

Prereqs: none

Housing: Three home stays one in Bedulu, one in the Tabanan area during the rural visit and one in Yogyakarta during the visit to Java.

Details: Students can take courses related to functions of dance in Java and Bali as well as performing art forms. Students also carry out field work with local students in Java and Bali, conducting interviews on the arts in society on their village visit. Independent study projects can be conducted in Indonesia past topics include the ritual significance of gamelan music and Balinese dance.  

Italy – Accademia Dell’Arte, Arezzo

Fall, spring

Language: English with Italian language study.          

Prereqs: junior, senior; prior coursework in theater.

Housing: residence halls or common housing in villa on campus, weekend meals not included.

Details: Courses in acting, ballet, dance, drama/theater, film studies, Italian language, Italian studies, mask making, opera, performing arts, puppetry, singing/voice, storytelling, theater arts. 

Russia - Moscow Art Theater Semester, Eugene O'Neill Theater Center, Moscow

Fall or spring

Language: English, Russian

Prereqs: None

Housing:MATS students live in a centrally located and newly renovated dormitory with kitchen facilities, WIFI, rehearsal space, and excellent security. Students share high-ceilinged double rooms equipped with a twin bed, wardrobe, storage cubbies, bookshelves, and a desk.

Details: Daily movement and acting classes are complemented with design, voice, Russian language, and Russian theater history. In addition to a conservatory-based training regimen – six days a week taught by masters at one of the world’s most renowned theater companies – you will experience the rich theatrical culture that permeates Moscow by attending 40 performances of theater, opera, ballet, and music throughout the semester as well as enjoying frequent museum visits and a trip to St. Petersburg.

Turkey – Yeditepe University, Istanbul  

Exchange, spring or academic year

Language: English

Prereqs: Previous coursework relative to the understanding of Turkey.

Housing: Shared rooms with bath, mini refrigerator and phone in University residence halls; linens are provided; students provide own meals at university cafeterias, snack bars and restaurants.

Details: Study in English with local and international students; courses from wide range of university offerings including the faculties of arts and sciences, fine arts including theatre, and economics and political science; university located on the European side of Istanbul in the heart of the city; easy access to public transportation. 

United Kingdom - ISEP - University of East London

Fall, spring

Language: English

Prereqs: 2.75 gpa

Housing: Students have their own en-suite bedroom with internet connection and incoming telephone line. Students share a large kitchen/lounge with 5 other students. All rooms are on-campus (Docklands campus).

Description: Building on the diversity of East London, the BA Dance: Urban Practice degree offers a unique approach to creativity, technical development, historical knowledge and performance in Contemporary, Urban, African and South East Asian dance styles.  The programme has been designed for students who wish to gain the necessary skills to be dance performers, researchers, teachers and choreographers. Students will also gain an insight into arts management, producing events and working within a community context. 

United Kingdom - Goldsmiths College, University of London

Fall, spring, all year

Language: English

Prerequisites: Completion of two years of college-level study before beginning your program.  3.0 GPA is generally required.  In some cases there are prerequisites for modules, or groups of modules.  Make sure to read and understand all requirements before choosing your modules. 

Housing: Students can stay in on campus housing, in residence halls across London.  Alternative accommodation to Goldsmiths halls is available. 

Description: Goldsmith exchanges run throughout the autumn term(11 weeks), and the spring term(19 weeks). 

United Kingdom - University of Sunderland

Fall, spring, all year

Language: English

Prereqs: 2.75 gpa

Housing: Single-occupancy dormitory rooms.

Description: covers both academic theory and practical skills. Modules include ‘Key Dance Practitioners’, ‘Physical Dance Theatre’ and ‘Dance Practice and Application’. Courses also cover production topics such as creative use of lighting, props and costumes.

United Kingdom - University of Bristol, England

Fall, Spring, Academic Year

Language: English

Prerequisites: 3.2 GPA, and completion of at least one year of university study.  It is recommended that students are in their third year of university at the time of study. 

Housing: University accommodation provided as with meal plan options available.  Students can also choose to have private accommodations.

Details: Exchange students take classes with full time Bristol students.  Courses will be taught in lectures and seminars, and often include tutorials, extended essays and lab work.  Courses from departments of Arts, Humanities, Social Science and Law, Engineering, Science and Biomedical Sciences are offered to exchange students.

Note: * Autumn semester exams usually take place in January. Study Abroad students are expected to stay in Bristol for the exam period.  Alternative assessments can sometimes be arranged. 

United Kingdom - University of Sussex 

Fall, spring, academic year

Language: English

Prereqs: 3.0 gpa

Housing: Housing in single rooms on the University of Sussex campus. Purchase meals in the restaurants and cafes on campus or cook in dormitory kitchens.

Description: Direct enrollment in University of Sussex departments.  While Sussex students are limited to studying their major subject, exchange students enrolling in the University can  choose from more than one discipline. Depending on prior experience in the subject, they will take second or first-year modules (courses). It generally is not possible for exchanges students to take third year modules.

United Kingdom - University of York

Fall, spring, academic year

Language: English

Prereqs: 3.0 gpa, Junior or senior status at the time of enrollment

Housing: Students will be placed in one of the University of York's 9 residential colleges, which combine student accommodation in single rooms with shared social spaces, including kitchens, and some classrooms and offices.  This placement facilitates integration into student life.  .

Description: The University of York has a national and international reputation for quality in teaching and research, and enrolls approximately 11,000 students. Departments that might be of interest to Beloit College students include but are not limited to:Computer science, Archaeology, Biology, Economics (no spring start), Environmental studies, History/medieval studies, Mathematics, Philosophy(no spring start)Sociology, Theater (acting, acting for the camera)  

United Kingdom - University of East Anglia, Norwich, England

Fall, spring

Language: English

Prereqs: 3.0 gpa

Housing: On campus dorms with British flatmates.

Description:  department of film and television studies approaches the study of media from several disciplinary angles. Courses include Media Industries, Analyzing Film and TV, Media Society & Power, and Film History.

United Kingdom- University of Limerick, Ireland

Fall, Spring, Academic Year

Language: English

Prerequisites: 2.9 GPA

Housing: Students can apply for on campus accommodation or choose to live in private accommodation off campus.

Details: Students will be integrated with Irish and other international students for classes, on-campus accommodation and clubs and societies.  Limerick has four facilities: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Education and Health Sciences, Kemmy Business School, and Science and Engineering.

Domestic Programs

Domestic Programs 

I was able to learn more about my creative process through making a screen dance for my independent study project. Also, I learned about how a mid-size dance company operates through my internship.

Kathleen Hansen ‘13, ACM Chicago Arts, Fall 2011


ACM: Chicago Arts, Chicago

Fall, spring semesters

Prerequisites: Junior or senior standing preferred, approval through campus selection process, previous coursework relating to social change. For dance majors: previous coursework relating to an arts discipline (including audio, literature, communication, performance, visual arts).

Housing: Program students housed in double rooms in apartments with cooking facilities located in Chicago neighborhoods; students provide own meals.

Details: Study with ACM program students, 4 units of credit: a city-centered Core Course (e.g. The Arts in Chicago, Chicago’s Theatre Tradition), a choice of Seminar course topics; an internship connecting academics to the world of work; an independent study project related to the student’s academic goals, often linked to the internship.  

O’Neill National Theater Institute,  Waterford, CT*

Fall, spring

Prereqs: Junior or senior standing, previous coursework in theater; proven ability to handle demands of disciplined theater work, positive ensemble member, determination to complete program; in person interview preferred, or by phone; particular attention paid to letters of evaluation.

Housing: On-site, meals served 7-days a week.

Details: Rigorous, conservatory-based theater training, diverse curriculum, intensive experience for serious students; coursework in five primary elements: Acting, Directing, Playwriting, Movement & Voice, and Design; classes 7-days a week, 14 weeks; two week suspension of classes for international travel or work with a major theater company; special workshops, guest artists and theater trips; public presentation of a final project.  

* Exceeds the cap on tuition transfer off-campus.

Dance students study off-campus to gain new perspectives on their field, to learn about dance performance in a new setting, and to develop cross-cultural understanding by becoming immersed in another culture. 



D:  Direct enrollment in a university as a visiting student

Ex: Enrollment in a university as an exchange student

P:  Provider program.  Program organized for students attending U.S. colleges and universities.

Non-tuition educational expenses:  Cost of room and board compared to Beloit College. Other expenses to consider:  airfare, local transportation, visas, health insurance, immunizations, books, student activity fees, recreational travel and other activities.