I was given the opportunity to see how my fields of study may be applied in totally new and different ways.  Particularly with Sociology I lived values and phenomena that don't exist in America.

Addie Washington '13, Beloit Senegal Exchange, Spring 2012


Domestic Programs


Study Abroad Programs

Akita International University - Akita, Japan



Australia - James Cook University, Townsville

Fall or spring (southern hemisphere calendar)

Language: English. 

Prereqs: One college year of study, 2.8 gpa; previous coursework in field to qualify for advanced courses.

Housing: On-campus residence halls/off-campus apartments; students provide own meals.

Details: Study with local students; courses in anthropology, indigenous Australian studies, Asia-Pacific community development; many courses have a field-trip component for hands-on experience; university research facilities include island, rainforest and outback field stations.   


Australia – ISEP: Macquarie University, Sydney

Fall, spring (southern hemisphere calendar)

Language: English

Prereqs: 2.5 gpa, 3.0 for internship; previous coursework in field to qualify for advanced courses.

Housing: On campus residence halls/off-campus apartments, students provide own meals.

Details: Study with local students; many courses in social science, indigenous studies and development studies; orientation and a guide to Sydney on line; internships possible, volunteer opportunities available.


Botswana – ACM: University Immersion in Southern Africa, University of Botswana, Gaborone


Language: English, beginning Setswana language course.

Prereqs: Juniors and seniors preferred, previous study of political development and social change, background in field methods recommended.

Housing: University graduate student dormitories, students provide their own meals.

Details:  Study with American and Botswana students; limited curriculum; courses in African studies, development and social change, independent research project, introduction to Setswana language; field trips around the country; orientation in Chicago before departure.  


Brazil – ACM: Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora

Fall and Spring

Language: Portuguese

Prereqs: Advanced level of Spanish

Housing: Host family or shared apartment

Details: Students take intensive Portuguese plus two elective courses.  Many course options available, including anthropology of religion, socio-historical developments of contemporary Brazil, and Brazilian folklore.   


Denmark – DIS: Danish Institute for Study Abroad, Copenhagen

Fall, spring

Language: Study in English, courses in Danish available.

Prereqs: 3.0 gpa, previous coursework in your chosen program, several programs have additional requirements

Housing: 5 living options: host family, a kollegium (student residence hall), shared DIS housing downtown, Danish roommate in an apartment, folkehøjskole (rural campus with Danish students).

Details: Students are mostly from American colleges; choose a program to study (one or two core courses with unique program integrated study tours), elect 1 or 2 other courses many of which have field studies in Copenhagen; Danish language optional but recommended; optional adventure trips at extra cost; sports and volunteering available.  

Denmark - University of Copenhagen

Fall, Spring

Prereqs: Junior standing

Language: English

Housing: apartments found by students with assistance from international office.  Meals prepared on your own.


Ecuador - Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ)

Exchange, fall, spring or academic year

Language: Courses in Spanish or partly in English

Prereqs: 2 years of college Spanish, enrollment in a Spanish course the semester or summer before; 3.0 cumulative gpa and 3.0 in Spanish; previous course work for studio art courses; courses with a Latin American focus strongly recommended.

Housing: Host family

Details: Orientation in Quito; Quito in Transition course; full range of science and social science courses, some with field study trips; study with local students; excursions; volunteer opportunities.    


Ghana – ISEP: University of Ghana, Legon

Fall, spring, academic year

Language: English, beginning Twi language course

Prereqs: 3.0 gpa, previous coursework with African content recommended; students expected to enroll in a beginning Twi language course at the University of Ghana.

Housing: International student hostel on campus, stipend provided for meals.

Details: Study with Ghanaian and international students; Institute of African Studies  offers beginning level courses, wide range of courses at beginning to advanced levels in anthropology, biology, political science, psychology, and sociology (including culture and development, traditional Ghanaian social institutions, and social structures of Ghana); orientation program; resident director; sports and volunteering available.   


Hong Kong - Lingnan University, Hong Kong, China

Exchange fall, spring, academic year

Language: English

Prereqs: Previous coursework with an Asian focus.

Housing: Shared room in campus student hostel, students provide own meals.

Details: Study at the only Chinese liberal arts college with local and international students; live in a major international commerce center; basic Cantonese available; wide range of social sciences and humanities courses, no natural science; students encouraged to take classes in Cultural Studies; excellent campus facilities; many student activities, excursions.


Japan – Kansai Gaidai University, Hirakata City, Osaka

Fall, spring, academic year

Language: English, Japanese language courses in Japanese

Prereqs: Beloit requires 2 years college Japanese, 3.0 cumulative gpa and gpa in Japanese; previous coursework in Asian history, politics or other related areas.

Housing: Host family (strongly recommended), dormitory with international students where students provide own meals.

Details: Asian Studies Program courses focused on Japan and taught in English; intensive Japanese language study; orientation program; Speaking Partner Program; courses with other international students and a few Japanese students; most courses are .75 Beloit units; students may take studio art class.

Scholarships available for study in Japan. See Scholarships page on the OIE Study Abroad website. 


Mexico – CGE-Augsburg: Crossing Borders: Gender and Social Change in Mezoamerica*

Fall, spring

Language: Spanish & English

Prereqs: Two years of college Spanish

Housing: Group house and home stay

Details: Core course in Women, Gender and Social Change in Latin America; Spanish classes; Latin American liberation theologies; internships and independent study available.    


New Zealand – University of Otago, Dunedin

Fall or spring (southern hemisphere calendar)

Language: English

Prereqs:  Junior or senior standing, 3.0 gpa, previous coursework in your field and relative to the understanding of NZ.

Housing: University assists students with accommodation options, ranging from residence halls with meal plans to student flats where students provide own meals.

Details: Study with local and international students in a medium sized university, the first in New Zealand; wide range of courses/papers offered in the Arts and Sciences many with a New Zealand flavor: Maori studies, environmental science, media and film, health, geology of New Zealand, performing arts; located in a vibrant city center.   


Senegal – Baobab Center, Dakar, Senegal

Spring starting in spring 2011

Language: French, Wolof

Prereqs: 5 semesters college French

Housing: Host family

Details: Collaboration with the Baobab Center locates students into two cities for field and classroom study. Students take Wolof, Dakar in Transition (explores trends in society through studying the city of Dakar), Health Advocacy and Policy course focusing on responses to HIV and AIDS in Senegal and Africa; and a course on Islam; excursions.  


Turkey – Yeditepe University, Istanbul

Exchange, spring or academic year

Language: English

Prereqs: Previous coursework relative to the understanding of Turkey.

Housing: Shared rooms with bath, mini refrigerator and phone in University residence halls; linens are provided; students provide own meals at university cafeterias, snack bars and restaurants.

Details: Study in English with local and international students; courses from wide range of university offerings including the faculties of arts and sciences, fine arts including theatre, and economics and political science; university located on the European side of Istanbul in the heart of the city; easy access to public transportation. 


United Kingdom - Lancaster University, Lancaster, England

Fall 10-week term plus pre-session course, spring & summer terms

Language:  English. 

Prereqs: Minimum cum 2.8 gpa and in subjects relevant to your study plan.

Housing:  On campus accommodation with local and international students; shared kitchens; options for meals.

Details: Department of Sociology offers full range of courses and a rich research environment; known for innovative teaching combining cutting-edge courses on sociological topics with new approaches from other disciplines, including cultural studies, science technology and society, and gender studies; many other course options; international student body; shopping on the university campus outside of Lancaster, easy access to town. 

United Kingdom-University of Essex, Essex                                    

Fall, Spring

Language: English

Prereqs: n/a

Housing: Students provide own meals, live in university owned accommodations

United Kingdom - University of Limerick


United Kingdom - University of York 

Recent sociology majors have studied on ACM programs in Costa Rica, India, and Zimbabwe (now in Botswana); through Beloit College in Brazil, China, Ecuador, Estonia/Morocco, France, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Morocco, Scotland and Turkey; programs through other providers in Australia, Denmark, India, Mexico, Mongolia, Nicaragua, and Spain. Students are also encouraged to work with a Beloit faculty advisor on a special project tailored to their interest in any study abroad location.

Other opportunities are available for students with research experience and a recommendation from their advisor.


Domestic Programs


Chicago is an excellent example of the legacy the past leaves- it is a city struggling with inherited segregation, and the sociological implications and foundations were very clear.

Emily Summers '13, ACM Chicago Urban Studies, Spring 2012


ACM: Urban Studies, Chicago

Fall, spring

Prereqs: Junior or senior standing preferred, approval through campus selection process, previous coursework relating to social change.

Housing: Program students housed in double rooms in apartments with cooking facilities located in Chicago neighborhoods; students provide own meals.

Details: Study with ACM program students; 4 units of credit: a city-centered Core Course, a choice of Seminar course topics; an internship connecting academics to the world of work; an independent study project related to the student’s academic goals, often linked to the internship.    


*Exceeds the cap on tuition transfer off-campus.  


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