Domestic Programs

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Study Abroad Programs

Australia – ISEP: Macquarie University, Sydney

Fall, spring (southern hemisphere calendar)

Language: English

Prereqs: 2.5 gpa, 3.0 for internship; previous coursework in field to qualify for advanced courses.

Housing: On campus residence halls/off-campus apartments, students provide own meals.

Details: Study with local students; extensive departmental courses in physics; faculty research areas include laser & optical physics, optics & electronics of materials, quantum optics, quantum information science, astronomy & astrophysics, mathematical physics, and biophysics; orientation and a guide to Sydney on line; internships possible, volunteer opportunities available. 


Austria – Johannes Kepler University Linz

Fall, Spring, Academic Year

Language: English, German

Prerequisites: None

Housing: Students receive a housing stipend (which covers housing in a double room) and choose the residence hall of their choice.  A stipend is provided to cover the cost of meals.

Details:  Courses in the sciences and engineering department include:computer science, economics-technical chemistry, mechatronics, teacher training for secondary schools, technical chemistry, technical mathematics, mathematics in industry, technical physics, biophysics, polymer engineering.


New Zealand – University of Otago(D)

Fall or spring (Southern hemisphere calendar)


Prerequisites: Junior or senior standing, 3.0 gpa, previous coursework in your field and relative to the understanding of New Zealand.

Housing: University assists students with accommodation options, ranging from residence halls with meal plans to student flats where students provide own meals.

Details:Study with local and international students in a medium sized university, the first in New Zealand; wide range of courses/papers offered in the Arts and Sciences many with a New Zealand flavor: Maori studies, environmental science, media and film, health, geology of New Zealand, performing arts; located in a vibrant city center. 


Scotland – University of Glasgow

Fall, spring

Language: English

Prerequisites: 3.0 gpa, previous study in your field, coursework relative to the understanding of Scotland

Housing: University assists students find housing in halls of residence or student flats, students provide own meals.

Details: University has switched to a semester system; study with local and international students, wide variety of first and second year courses available, third year courses possible in major with background; classes for study abroad students in: arts, biomedical and life sciences, information and mathematical sciences, business and social sciences, physical sciences; lectures and tutorials, some art classes available in the Glasgow School of Art; some year-long classes not open to spring semester students; study with local and international students.


United Kingdom – Lancaster University

Fall 10-week term plus pre-session course, or spring & summer terms

Language:  English 

Prerequisites: Minimum cum 2.8 gpa and in subjects relevant to your study plan.

Housing:  on-campus accommodation with local and international students; shared kitchens; options for meals.

Details: Fall term students arrive early and choose from 2 courses (each worth 4 semester hours) with field trips and orientation; semester courses at all levels in the sciences including MCAT courses; study with local students; many other course options; international student body; shopping on the university campus outside of Lancaster, easy access to town.


United Kingdom - University of Bristol

Fall, Spring, Academic Year

Language: English

Prerequisites: 3.2 GPA, and completion of at least one year of university study.  It is recommended that students are in their third year of university at the time of study. 

Housing: University accommodation provided as with meal plan options available.  Students can also choose to have private accommodations.

Details: Exchange students take classes with full time Bristol students.  Courses will be taught in lectures and seminars, and often include tutorials, extended essays and lab work.  Courses from departments of Arts, Humanities, Social Science and Law, Engineering, Science and Biomedical Sciences are offered to exchange students.

Note: * Autumn semester exams usually take place in January. Study Abroad students are expected to stay in Bristol for the exam period.  Alternative assessments can sometimes be arranged. 

United Kingdom - University of York

Fall, Spring or Academic Year


Prerequisites: Minimum gpa requirement is a 3.0. Note: Some subjects require fall or academic-year study.  Junior or senior status at the time of enrollment is required. 

Housing: Students will be placed in one of the University of York's 9 residential colleges, which combine student accommodation in single rooms with shared social spaces, including kitchens, and some classrooms and offices.  This placement facilitates integration into student life.  Visiting/exchange students are encouraged to become involved in campus life by joining athletic clubs and student societies.



Domestic Programs

ACM – Oak Ridge Science Semester, Oak Ridge, TN* 


Prereqs: 3.0 cumulative gpa and in the major; senior standing preferred, juniors considered; major in biology, chemistry, computer science, physics or social sciences.

Housing: Shared single bedroom apartment; students provide own meals.

Details: Program focus on national and global energy and environmental issues; students earn academic credit for research in ongoing investigations guided by a mentor; interdisciplinary seminar course, advanced course options; guest speakers, departmental colloquia.


Research opportunities for summer and for field terms can also be found at the Argonne National Laboratory during the summer, fall or spring.  See Yaffa Grossman ( for information.   



D:  Direct enrollment in a university as a visiting student

Ex: Enrollment in a university as an exchange student

P:  Provider program.  Program organized for students attending U.S. colleges and universities.

Non-tuition educational expenses:  Cost of room and board compared to Beloit College. Other expenses to consider:  airfare, local transportation, visas, health insurance, immunizations, books, student activity fees, recreational travel and other activities.

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