Modern Languages & Literatures

Modern Language students study abroad to perfect their language skills, to develop cross-cultural skills, and to deepen their understanding of cultures, societies and histories of the people who speak the language they study. 


There’s only so much language and culture classes can teach you, and they are no substitute for actually being immersed in language and culture.

Maya Berman '12, Beloit Russia Exchange, Fall 2011


Note: Language programs are open to students in all disciplines.  Prerequisites for language are the minimum required for the program, more language study is highly recommended. Students must be enrolled in an appropriate language course the semester or summer before study abroad.


Chinese – Henan University in Kaifeng or Shandong University in Jinan          

Exchange, fall or academic year

Refer to information page for Chinese majors.

Students have the options of a year of study in each location, or they can combine a fall semester of study in Kaifeng or Jinan with a spring semester in Hong Kong.


French – Rennes, Montpellier, Aix-en-Provence, Martinique, La Réunion, Senegal                        

Refer to information page for French majors.


German – Erfurt University, Erfurt                                                                                            

Exchange, spring or academic year

Language: German, English

Prereqs: 2 years college German, previous coursework relative to the understanding of Germany.

Housing: Campus dormitory with international and German students, provide own meals.

Details: Intensive German language at beginning of term; university courses in social sciences, humanities, German as a second language with disciplinary focus; no natural sciences; some courses taught partially or fully in English at this bi-lingual university; study with local students; few non-native German speakers in Erfurt; region is historically rich with archives, museums and study centers; travel opportunities in Germany and Central Europe.

Scholarships available for study in Germany.  See the Scholarships page on the OIE Study Abroad website. 


Japanese – Akita University, Akita City, Kansai Gaidai University, Hirakata City, Osaka, or ISEP: Nanzan University, Nagoya                                                                                  

Exchange or direct Enrollment, fall, spring or academic year

Refer to information page for Japanese majors.

Note:  students studying abroad in Japan may elect to spend the academic year at one university or combine a semester of study at one with a second semester at a different university.

Scholarships available for study in Japan. See Scholarships page on the OIE Study Abroad website.


Russian – Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow                         

Exchange, fall, academic year

Language: Russian

Prereqs: 2 years college Russian, previous course work in Russian history and literature in translation recommended.

Housing: campus dormitory with international students where students provide own meals.

Details: Intensive study of Russian; small classes with international students; wide variety of courses available at the university with proficient Russian; Moscow in Transition explores trends in society and culture through the study of the city of Moscow; easy access to cultural opportunities, and public transportation, 30 minute walk to Red Square. 


Spanish –Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Spain                              

Exchange, fall, spring, academic year

Refer to information page for Spanish  majors.


Arabic & French – Al Akhawayn University, Ifrane, Morocco            

Exchange, fall, spring, academic year

Language: English, Arabic and French courses available

Prereqs: Some competency in French or Arabic required, additional language study strongly encouraged; previous coursework related to the understanding of Morocco and the region.

Housing: Single sex residence halls on campus, meal plan

Details: Small private university located in the Atlas Mountains; study with local and international students; many courses with Arab-Islamic culture content; wide range of courses in business, management, international studies, social studies, communications; well equipped library and classrooms; French or Arabic needed off campus; town is a weekend-ski destination in winter.


Hungarian – Eötvös Collegium, Budapest                                                                 

Exchange, fall or academic year

Language: English, Hungarian language class.

Prereqs: Hungarian language and culture course strongly recommended.

Housing: Live in the Collégium, honors college of Eötvös University, with Hungarian students, students provide own meals.

Details: Study with program students, courses in Hungarian language, history, art and culture, research seminar and a directed individual research project; museum project possible; option of a literature course in the Anglo-American Workshop; other university courses available; rich cultural environment; orientation to the city.


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