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My French improved astronomically both in conversation and written work. 

Valmai Hanson '13, Beloit Senegal Exchange, Spring 2012


Note: Students must be enrolled in an appropriate language course the semester or summer before study abroad.  Language programs are open to students in all disciplines.  Prerequisites for language are the minimum required for the program, more language study is highly recommended.


CIEE France – Université de Haute Bretagne, Rennes 2, France        

fall, spring

Language: French

Eligibility requirements: 4 semesters college French or equivalent (French 210 or above), 3.0 gpa in French; ISEP requires advanced written and spoken French.

Housing: host family;

Details: Rennes is an old university city located in Brittany with a large number of university students; easy access to North coast and Atlantic beaches and historic sites; 2 hours to Paris by fast train.

CIEE: Four levels of language pre-session courses focusing on oral and written proficiency; elective courses in civilization and culture, history of France, art history and film studies through CIREFE, the university division for international students; student teaching; 3-day orientation in Paris; cultural activities and field trips; university courses and internships possible for advanced French students.

Scholarships: CIEE scholarships for merit, need, travel, under-represented groups.  


France—ISEP:l’Université  Paul Valéry, Montpellier                                                           

Fall, spring

Language: French

Eligibility requirements: 4 semesters college French or equivalent (French 210 or above); exchange students must have advanced level proficiency (5 – 6 semesters); 2.75 gpa

Housing: Residence halls within walking distance from the campus

Details: Students with advanced proficiency can participate in an exchange, taking courses integrated with local French students in a wide variety of disciplines; alternatively, the ISEP-Direct option offers courses in French language and culture, with courses designed for various levels of French speakers.


France - Université Paul Cézanne (Aix-Marseille III), Aix-en-Provence                     

Spring only

Language: French

Eligibility requirements: four –five semesters of college-level French or equivalent, 2.75 gpa

Housing: single occupancy rooms on campus and a stipend for meals

Details: students can either take French language and literature courses at the IEFEE institute or enroll in the university curriculum, which includes business, economics, law, political science and engineering. 


French Caribbean - ISEP: Université des Antilles et de la Guyane, Martinique      

Spring only

Language: French

Eligibility requirements: 4 – 5 semesters of college French or equivalent, 2.75 gpa

Housing: Host families or dorms.

Details: Courses in French as a foreign language and in Creole language.  Integrated courses in arts, geography, history and linguistics, medical studies, and economics. 


Réunion Island – l’Université de la Réunion, Indian Ocean                                  

Fall, spring

Language: French

Eligibility requirements: 4 – 5 semesters of college-level French or equivalent; 2.75 gpa

Housing: residence halls with meal stipend
Courses in French, translation, Creole language, anthropology, political science, economics and arts; anthropology courses focus on the ethnicities of the Indian Ocean.


French – Baobab Center, Dakar, Senegal                                                                 

Spring only

Language: French, Wolof

Prereqs: 5 semesters college French or equivalent

Housing: Host family

Details: Collaboration with the Baobab Center locates students in Dakar for field and classroom study. Students take Wolof, Dakar in Transition (explores trends in society through studying the city of Dakar), History of Islam in West Africa, and a course on Development and Gender in Senegalese Literature; excursions include a 3 – 4 day rural visit, Goree Island and sites near Dakar.


Last Updated: 9/2011