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I've become interested in how the ancient civilizations bordering the Mediterranean utilized the sea, as well as how they viewed it in terms of themselves and as a boundary to others.

Devon Armstrong, Beloit Turkey exchange, Spring 2011


Egypt – American University in Cairo                                                       

Fall, spring

Language: English, Arabic language available

Prereqs: Junior or senior standing preferred, 3.0 gpa; previous coursework in classics, courses relative to the understanding of Egypt

Housing: On-campus residence halls, single or shared rooms; students purchase own meals; campus cafeteria, no cooking facilities.

Details: New suburban campus in fall 2008; emphasis on liberal arts; wide selection of courses on ancient Egypt history, literature, art, architecture, religion, Coptic studies, hieroglyphics, Arabic and Middle-Eastern studies; no Greek or Latin; study with Egyptian and other international students.


Greece – Arcadia Center for Hellenic, Balkan & Mediterranean Studies & Research, Athens  

Fall, spring

Language: English

Prereqs: 3.0 gpa; prior coursework in classics.

Housing: Apartments are arranged by program, students provide own meals.

Details: Courses in classical, Byzantine, modern Greek & European studies; Greek instructors; experiential course called “The Greek Key” provides opportunities for community exploration and engagement; intensive language courses available.


Greece – College Year in Athens                                                                  

Fall, spring

Language: English

Prereqs: Good academic standing and recommendations; prior coursework in classics.

Housing: Apartments are arranged by program, students provide most of their own meals.

Details: courses in area studies, art history, Byzantine studies, Classical languages, History, Mediterranean studies, and Philosophy; modern Greek language study available; study tours complement in-class work.


Ireland –  National University of Ireland – Galway                                

Fall, spring or academic year

Language: English

Prereqs: 3.0 gpa, previous coursework relevant to the understanding of Ireland, courses in classics

Housing: Residence halls arranged through accommodation office, students provide own meals.

Details: Hosts 600 US students a year; students will be able to take courses with other students from Ireland and around the world; strong program in Classical civilizations and languages; see website for course selection.


Italy – IES: Rome                                                                                         

Fall, spring or academic year

Language: English with Italian language classes

Prereqs: 3.0 gpa; various levels of Italian required for internships and enrollment in university courses.

Housing: Host families or apartments are arranged by the program.

Details: Study with American students with the option of enrollment in one of three universities in Rome; courses in ancient Rome, the Renaissance through architecture, Italy’s place in world history and international relations, and Jews in Rome; courses in Italian language strongly encouraged.


Italy – Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies, Rome*           

Fall, spring

Language: English

Prereqs: 3.0 gpa; prior study in classics with B average; Latin & Greek language study.

Housing: Residence halls

Details: Intensive study of classics includes archaeology, art history, Greek language, Italian language, Latin language, history and directed field study; study tours enhance coursework.


Italy - Arcadia University, Mediterranean Center for Arts & Sciences, Syracuse, Sicily 

Malta – ISEP: University of Malta, Msida                                                 

Spring only, ending in late June

Language: English

Prereqs: 3.0 gpa, prior coursework in history or European studies.

Housing: Off-campus residence halls.

Details: The university is known for its courses in Mediterranean history, medieval Europe, civilization and imperial conquest; courses in Classical culture and civilization; Order of Saint-John and the Knights of Malta is a subject of interest on the island; broad curriculum available; flexibility in course selection necessary as the curriculum is restructured.

Turkey, Yeditepe University, Beloit Exchange, Istanbul

Languge: English

Prereqs: recommended course on politics and/or religion of the area.

Housing: On-campus residences available; students can arrange off-campus apartments, as well.

United Kingdom - Bristol University, Bristol


* Exceeds the cap on tuition transfer off-campus.


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