I've become interested in how the ancient civilizations bordering the Mediterranean utilized the sea, as well as how they viewed it in terms of themselves and as a boundary to others.

Devon Armstrong, Beloit Turkey exchange, Spring 2011

Egypt – American University in Cairo  (D)                                              

Fall, Spring  Language: English. Prereqs: 3.0 GPA. Coursework preparing students to study Egyptology. Housing: Dormitories. Details: Founded in 1919, AUC is the region's leading English-language university.  Middle Eastern Studies, Arabic Studies, and Egyptology (Ancient history, hieroglyphics, art & architecture, ancient literature, religion & ethics, Egypt in the Greco-Roman era, ancient Nubia).  Non-tuition educational expenses:  Higher

Greece – Arcadia Center for Hellenic, Balkan & Mediterranean Studies & Research, Athens (P) 

Fall, Spring  Language: English. Prereqs: 3.0 GPA; classics studies.  Housing: Apartments. Details: Courses in classical, Byzantine, modern Greek & European studies. Greek instructors. Experiential learning course called “The Greek Key” provides opportunities for community exploration and engagement. Ancient and Modern Greek, Latin.  Non-tuition educational expenses:  Same

Greece – College Year in Athens  (P)                                                            

Fall, Spring  Language: English. Prereqs: 3.0 GPA; classics studies.  Housing: Apartments. Details: Byzantine studies, Classical languages, History, Mediterranean studies, and Philosophy. Ancient and modern Greek, Latin. Program focuses on both ancient and contemporary Greece.  Non-tuition educational expenses: Higher

Ireland –  National University of Ireland – Galway  (D)                              

Fall, Spring  Language: English. Prereqs: 3.0 GPA. Housing: Dormitories. Details: Classics program focuses on literature & thought, art & architecture, language & text. Non-tuition educational costs:  Same

Italy – Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies, Rome*  (P)    

Fall, Spring  Language: English. Prereqs: 3.0 GPA. Classics major or art or archaeology major with focus on the classical world.  Housing: Dormitory.  Details: 2-unit interdisciplinary core course on the Ancient City, with Rome and other sites the classroom. Ancient Greek, Latin. Electives:  Italian, Renaissance & Baroque Art History.  For students preparing for graduate studies in Classics.  Non-tuition educational expenses:  Higher. Some scholarship support available from ICCS.

Malta – ISEP: University of Malta, Msida (D)                                         

Spring (February - late June)  Language: English. Prereqs: 3.0 GPA.  Housing: Dormitory.  Details: Founded in 1769, the university is known for its courses in Mediterranean history, medieval Europe, civilization and imperial conquest; courses in Classical culture and civilization.  Archaeology students study theory and practice, with a focus on Mediterranean pre- and ancient history.  Non-tuition educational expenses:  Same

United Kingdom - Bristol University, Bristol(D) 

Fall (late Sept-early January), Spring (late January-early June)  Language: English Prereqs:  3.0 GPA. Details:  Greco-Roman literary and artistic culture. Greek, Latin, and Sanskrit languages. Related courses in archaeology, anthropology, and theology.  Note: Some instructors may agree to assess student work before the January exam period.  Non-tuition educational expenses: Same


* Exceeds the cap on tuition transfer off-campus.



D:  Direct enrollment in a university as a visiting student

Ex: Enrollment in a university as an exchange student

P:  Provider program.  Program organized for students attending U.S. colleges and universities.

Non-tuition educational expenses:  Cost of room and board compared to Beloit College. Other expenses to consider:  airfare, local transportation, visas, health insurance, immunizations, books, student activity fees, recreational travel and other activities. Higher:  Up to $2,000 more than Beloit College room and board for one semester. Significantly Higher:  $2,001 or more above Beloit College room and board.

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