Asian Studies

Study Abroad Programs

China – Henan University in Kaifeng or Shandong University in Jinan (Ex)

Exchange fall, academic year

Language: Chinese 

Eligibility requirements: 1 year of Mandarin Chinese (2 years strongly encouraged), course on Chinese history or politics.

Housing: On-campus dormitories with international students; students provide own meals at Shandong.

Details: Intensive focus on speaking, writing and reading Chinese language with other international students; students engage with the community outside the classroom in both cities through the Cities in Transition course. 


Hong Kong - Lingnan University, Hong Kong, China (Ex)

Exchange fall, spring, academic year

Language: English

Eligibility requirements: Previous coursework with an Asian focus.

Housing: Shared room in campus student hostel, students provide own meals.

Details: Study at the only Chinese liberal arts college with local and international students; live in a major international commerce center; basic Cantonese language courses available; wide range of social sciences and humanities courses, no natural science; courses  in Cultural Studies cover area studies topics; excellent campus facilities; many student activities, excursions.


India – Minnesota Studies in International Development, Jaipur, India (P)

Fall, spring

Language: English, Hindi

Eligibility requirements: 2.5 gpa, junior or senior standing; experience in India and relevant course work or volunteer experience preferred; previous coursework relative to the understanding of India and development.

Housing: Homestay with one or two families, depending upon internship location.

Details:  4.25 units of credit, set course list with choice of track in the Development course; pre-departure assigned readings; semester is divided into: orientation, 7 weeks of class, 6 weeks in a grassroots internship, 1 week seminar at end of program; field trips.  


India and Bhutan/Tibet Autonomous Region – SIT: Tibetan and Himalayan Studies (P)

Fall, spring

Language: English, beginning Tibetan

Eligibility requirements: 2.5 gpa, previous coursework relative to the understanding of Tibet; previous independent research.

Housing: homestay (4 weeks), guesthouses/hostels, some camping; meals provided.

Details: Study with Americans students; limited curriculum designed for non-specialists; student plans 4-week research project selected with director; urban and rural stays; excursions to Tibet Autonomous Region (fall), Kingdom of Bhutan (spring). 

Scholarships: SIT scholarships for specified programs, diversity, need. 


Indonesia – SIT: Arts, Religion and Social Change, Bali (P)

Fall, spring

Language: English

Eligibility requirements: None

Housing: Host families, hostels

Details:  Seminar focuses on cultural anthropology, history, religious studies, politics and economics of this center of tourism and handcraft trade.


Japan – Akita University, Akita City (Ex)

Fall, spring, academic year

Language: Liberal arts classes taught in English, Japanese language and culture courses in Japanese.

Eligibility requirements: Beloit requires 2 years college Japanese, 3.0 cumulative gpa and gpa in Japanese; previous coursework focused on Japan such as art history, history, politics or other subjects.

Housing: On-campus accommodations with Japanese students, meal plan.

Details:  Liberal arts education focused on either Global Studies or Global Business.  Residential campus with excellent facilities and Japan’s only 24-hour library.  Nearly all students live on campus in a region of north Japan known for its natural beauty.  Exchange students enroll in Japanese language and cultural courses for international students as well as regular university courses with Japanese students; English is the medium of instruction for these.  Course credits range from 1-6 credits with most earning 3 credits or .75 Beloit units; minimum course load is 12 credits.  Academic calendar meshes with U.S. calendar: semester 1: March – July; semester 2: September – December.  Exchange students may begin either semester.  Akita International requires all of its students to study abroad for one semester.

Scholarships available for study in Japan. See Scholarships page. 


Japan – Kansai Gaidai University, Hirakata City, Osaka (Ex)

Fall, spring, academic year

Language: English, Japanese language courses in Japanese

Eligibility requirements: Beloit requires 2 years college Japanese, 3.0 cumulative gpa and 3.0 gpa in Japanese; previous coursework in Asian history, politics or other related areas.

Housing: Host family (strongly recommended), dormitory with international students where students provide own meals.

Details: Asian Studies Program courses focused on Japan and taught in English; intensive Japanese language study; orientation program; Speaking Partner Program; courses with other international students and a few Japanese students; most courses are .75 Beloit units; students may take studio art class.

Scholarships available for study in Japan. See Scholarships page. 


Japan –  ISEP: Nanzan University, Nagoya (D)

Fall, spring, academic year

Language: English and Japanese

Eligibility requirements: Beloit requires 2 years of college-level Japanese, 3.0 cumulative gpa and gpa in Japanese; previous coursework focused on Japan such as art history, history, politics or other subjects.

Housing: Host family (with a commute to campus); private dormitories with meals; University  international halls of residence with apartments, shared kitchen facilities; students may find own apartment.

Details: Intensive Japanese language courses from elementary to advanced. The Center for Japanese Studies offers courses in Japanese for advanced language proficiency, lecture courses in Japanese area studies taught in English, plus courses in traditional Japanese arts. Students take a language class and carry a course load of 14-18 credit hours; course credits range from 2 credits (arts) to 8 credits (intensive language). Academic calendar is the same as the U.S. calendar.  Recommended for students planning to attend graduate school in Japanese.


Thailand – CIEE: Development and Globalization, Khon Kaen (P)

Fall, spring

Language: Courses taught in English, beginning Thai language course.

Eligibility requirements: 2.75 gpa, previous study in development or environmental studies recommended.

Housing: off-campus apartment with Thai students, host families. Students provide their own food.

Details: Community stays; Khon Kaen University student language tutorials, social research methods course, field study practicum; study with American students; meetings with policymakers and other relevant organizations.

Scholarships: CIEE scholarships for merit, need, travel, under-represented groups. 



D:  Direct enrollment in a university as a visiting student

Ex: Enrollment in a university as an exchange student

P:  Provider program.  Program organized for students attending U.S. colleges and universities.

Non-tuition educational expenses:  Cost of room and board compared to Beloit College. Other expenses to consider:  airfare, local transportation, visas, health insurance, immunizations, books, student activity fees, recreational travel and other activities.

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