I gained new perspectives of my fields of study, specifically Anthropology, by learning how to look at culture through architecture and through politics. I never thought to look at it through these lenses before and it proved to be greatly beneficial.

Nathalie Vellky ‘13, College Year in Athens, Spring 2012


Australia - James Cook University, Townsville  (D)

Fall or spring (southern hemisphere calendar)

Language: English. 

Prereqs: One college year of study, 2.8 gpa; previous coursework in field to qualify for advanced courses.

Housing: On-campus residence halls/off-campus apartments; students provide own meals.

Details: Study with local students; courses in anthropology, archaeology, indigenous Australian studies and cultural heritage studies; many courses have a field-trip component for hands-on experience; university research facilities include island, rainforest and outback field stations.  


Australia – ISEP: Macquarie University, Sydney (D)                                  

Fall, spring (southern hemisphere calendar)

Language: English

Prereqs: 2.5 gpa, 3.0 for internship; previous coursework in field to qualify for advanced courses.

Housing: On campus residence halls/off-campus apartments, students provide own meals.

Details: Study with local students; many courses in anthropology, indigenous studies and development studies; orientation and a guide to Sydney on line; internships possible, volunteer opportunities available.


Costa Rica – ACM: Field Research in the Environment, Social Sciences & Humanities  (P)                    


Language: Spanish.

Prereqs: Jr. or Sr with coursework in the proposed research discipline. The equivalent of 2 years of college Spanish preferred, enrollment in a Spanish course the semester or summer before departure; background in field methods recommended.

Housing: Host family, other housing possible during field-work.

Details: Study with Americans in Spanish; limited curriculum, student plan a month-long research project in discipline of choice during the semester, present a project paper; open to all majors.   


Costa Rica – ISEP- Universidad Nacional (D)

Fall, Spring, Academic Year


Prerequisites:A minimum of 4 semesters of university-level Spanish or the equivalent must be completed prior to program. 

Housing:All students are housed with host families and receive breakfast, lunch, and dinner from the host family. 

Details: Located in Heredia, Costa Rica, 30 minutes from San Jose, the National University of Costa Rica has programs in Earth and Marine Science, Education, Health and Sport Science, Philosophy and Letters, Sciences, Social Sciences and Fine Arts.  The program includes a Global Engagement Program with excursions and volunteer opportunities, as well as an optional language exchange program.


Ecuador - Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ) (Ex)                

Exchange, fall, spring or academic year

Language: Courses in Spanish or partly in English

Prereqs: 2 years of college Spanish; enrollment in a Spanish course the semester or summer before; 3.0 cumulative gpa and 3.0 in Spanish; previous course work for studio art courses; courses with a Latin American focus strongly recommended.

Housing: Host family

Details: Orientation in Quito; Quito in Transition course; full range of science and social science courses, some with field study trips; study with local students; excursions; volunteer opportunities. 


Ghana – ISEP: University of Ghana, Legon (D, Ex)                                                           

Fall, spring, academic year

Language: English, beginning Twi language course

Prereqs: 3.0 gpa, previous coursework with African content recommended; students expected to enroll in a beginning Twi language course at the University of Ghana.

Housing: International student hostel on campus, stipend provided for meals.

Details: Study with Ghanaian and international students; Institute of African Studies offers beginning level courses, wide range of courses at beginning to advanced levels in anthropology, biology, political science, psychology, and sociology (including culture and development, traditional Ghanaian social institutions, and social structures of Ghana); orientation program; resident director; sports and volunteering available.  


India – Minnesota Studies in International Development, Jaipur, India

Fall, spring

Language: English, Hindi

Prerequisites: 2.5 gpa, junior or senior standing; experience in India and relevant course work or volunteer experience preferred; previous coursework relative to the understanding of India and development.

Housing: Homestay with one or two families, depending upon internship location.

Details4.25 units of credit, set course list with choice of track in the Development course; pre-departure assigned readings; semester is divided into: orientation, 7 weeks of class, 6 weeks in a grassroots internship, 1 week seminar at end of program; field trips.   

Indonesia-SIT: Arts, Religion, and Social Change (P)                                  


Language: English, with language study for Bahasa Indonesia

Prereqs: None

Housing: Three home stays. One in Bedulu, one in the Tabanan area during the rural visit, and one in Yogyakarta, Java during week trip.

Details: Courses include independent study projects such as export of Balinese culture via tourism, aesthetics of religious traditions in Java and Bali or role of women in contemporary Islamic communities. Courses also in cultural anthropology: temple systems, sacred calendars, women and Islam, and  Javanese and Balinese culture/family life.


Ireland- National University of Ireland Maynooth 

Fall, Spring, Academic Year

Language: English

Prereqs: Students must have a GPA of 3.0, though students with a GPA of 2.75 or above may be considered on a case-by-case basis. 


Details: You can choose from a wide range of academic subjects across three faculties: Faculty of Celtic Studies, Arts & Philosophy; Faculty of Social Science; and Faculty of Science & Engineering, and across all undergraduate levels, 1st to 4th year. 


Ireland-Queen's University Belfast 

Fall, Spring, Academic Year

Language: English

Prereqs: General entry requirement is a 3.0 GPA, and applicants normally have completed at least one year of university study at the time of application.

Housing: University accommodation: students can apply for a single semester contract or a full year (38 week) contract.  All rooms are self-catered, which means that students share kitchen facilities and make their own meals.  Rooms are either ensuite (with a private shower room) or standard (with a washbasin but students shared bathroom facilities).  All rooms are single study bedrooms.  Some accommodation blocks are for male students only, some are for female students and others are mixed. 

Details: Founded as Queen's College in 1845, Queen's University today is in the top one per cent of global universities.  Located in Northern Ireland, Queen's is known for it's excellence in teaching and research. 


Ireland– University College Cork, Ireland

Fall, Spring, Academic Year

Language: English

Prerequisites: Minimum gpa of 3.0 (Though applications between 2.8 and 3.0 will be considered in exceptional circumstances). 

Housing: Student apartment and housing options are available as well as resources to find other accommodations throughout the city.

Details: Study in Cork, a sister city of San Francisco, Shanghai, Rennes and Cologne.  UCC is known for its quality in research and offers over 120 degree and professional programmes in the Humanities, Business, Law, Architecture, Science, Food and Nutritional Sciences, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing and the Clinical Therapies.


Korea – ISEP Yonsei

Academic Year, Fall, Spring 

Language: English and Korean

Prereqs: For courses taught in Korean, fluency is required. 

Housing: Students will be housed in campus housing with a stipend for meals.  Those interested in living off campus should notify the university after they have been confirmed as an ISEP student. 

Details: Programs at Yonsei focus on Korea and East Asian studies, Korean Language, international cooperation, international trade & finance, international management.


Netherlands – SIT International Perspectives on Sexuality and Gender 

Fall, Spring

Language: English

Prerequisites: Previous college-Level coursework or other preparation in sexuality and/or gender studies, as assessed by SIT

Housing: Homestay in Amsterdam for 12 weeks.  Other accommodations during the program include hostels and modest hotels.

Details: This SIT program is based in Amsterdam and focuses on the exploration of issues of gender and sexuality through international and intersectional lenses.  Included are excursions to Morocco, The Hague, the Rutgers World Population Foundation in Utrecht.  This is a 15 week program which includes the development of and Independent Study Project proposal.


Netherlands– ISEP Leiden

Fall, Spring, Academic Year

Language: English, Dutch

Prerequisites: Must have a GPA of at least 3.2, and must be entering 3rd year of university study at the time of application.  To take courses taught in Dutch, fluency is required.

Housing: Students are housed in single rooms with shared bathrooms and kitchens.  A stipend for meals and accommodations is provided. 

Details: Departments of study include Arts, Interdisciplinary Programs, Law, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Philosophy, Archaeology, Social Sciences, and Theology.  Students can compose their own programs by choosing from a large number of electives.    


New Zealand – University of Auckland 

Fall, Spring (southern hemisphere calendar)

Language: English

Prerequisites: Prerequisites vary depending on courses.

Housing: University accommodation provided, giving you internet access, membership of the University Recreation Centre.  Other options include homestays or flats if you prefer private accommodation.

Details: Students can take classes across eight faculties.  Popular coursework includes courses in Maori Studies, Economics, Philosophy, History, Pacific Studies, Anthropology, Politics and International Relations, Geography, and Media, Film and Television.


Senegal – Baobab Center, Dakar, Senegal  (D)                                             

Spring starting in spring 2011

Language: French, Wolof

Prereqs: 5 semesters college French

Housing: Host family

Details: Collaboration with the Baobab Center locates students in Dakar for field and classroom study. Students take Wolof, Dakar in Transition (explores trends in society through studying the city of Dakar), and a course on Islam; excursions.   


Tanzania – ACM: Ecology & Human Origins (P)                                     


Language: Courses taught in English, 1 month intensive Kiswahili.

Prereqs: Jr. or Sr with coursework in natural or social sciences, background in field methods recommended.

Housing: University dormitories, tent camps in the field, 1 month host family in Dar es Salaam.

Details: Study with Americans; limited curriculum; methods course and student designed field project in Tarangire National Park, Endulen village, Serengeti National Park (Laetoli and Olduvai Gorge); presentation of project at end of semester; students provide some camping gear, required inoculations.  


Turkey – Yeditepe University, Istanbul (Ex)                                                   

Exchange, spring or academic year

Language: English

Prereqs: Previous coursework relative to the understanding of Turkey.

Housing: Shared rooms with bath, mini refrigerator and phone in University residence halls; linens are provided; students provide own meals at university cafeterias, snack bars and restaurants.

Details: Study in English with local and international students; courses from wide range of university offerings including the faculties of arts and sciences, fine arts including theatre, and economics and political science; university located on the European side of Istanbul in the heart of the city; easy access to public transportation.  


United Kingdom - University of Bristol, Bristol (D)
Fall, Spring, Academic Year

Language: English

Prerequisites: 3.2 GPA, and completion of at least one year of university study.  It is recommended that students are in their third year of university at the time of study. 

Housing: University accommodation provided as with meal plan options available.  Students can also choose to have private accommodations.

Details: Exchange students take classes with full time Bristol students.  Courses will be taught in lectures and seminars, and often include tutorials, extended essays and lab work.  Courses from departments of Arts, Humanities, Social Science and Law, Engineering, Science and Biomedical Sciences are offered to exchange students.

Note: * Autumn semester exams usually take place in January. Study Abroad students are expected to stay in Bristol for the exam period.  Alternative assessments can sometimes be arranged.

United Kingdom – University of Exeter, Exeter, UK (D)       


Language:  English

Prereqs:  3.0 gpa, and sophomore status

Housing: Self-catered flats and apartments, or catered residencies

Details: Offers practical hands-on experience and fieldwork in the UK, using artifact labs and experiments in teaching about ancient technologies such as flint knapping, pot making, bronze smelting and casting. Mostly British and European archaeology, but expertise extends across the globe with modules covering North and South American prehistory, North Africa and Asia.  Course listing.


United Kingdom – University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland (D)                            

Fall, spring

Language: English

Prereqs: 3.0 gpa, previous study in your field, coursework relative to the understanding of Scotland

Housing: University assists students find housing in halls of residence or student flats, students provide own meals.

Details: University has switched to a semester system; study with local and international students, wide variety of first and second year courses available, third year courses possible in major with background; classes for study abroad students in: arts, biomedical and life sciences, information and mathematical sciences, business and social sciences (including archaeology), physical sciences; lectures and tutorials, some art classes available in the Glasgow School of Art.


United Kingdom – University of York

Fall, Spring or Academic Year


Prerequisites: Minimum gpa requirement is a 3.0. Note: Some subjects require fall or academic-year study.  Junior or senior status at the time of enrollment is required. 

Housing: Students will be placed in one of the University of York's 9 residential colleges, which combine student accommodation in single rooms with shared social spaces, including kitchens, and some classrooms and offices.  This placement facilitates integration into student life.  Visiting/exchange students are encouraged to become involved in campus life by joining athletic clubs and student societies.




Recent anthropology majors have studied on ACM programs in Costa Rica, India, Japan, London/Florence and Tanzania; through Beloit College in China, Ecuador, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Morocco, Russia, Scotland, Senegal and Turkey; programs through other providers in Australia, Brazil, Greece, Kenya, South Africa, Spain and Zimbabwe. Students are also encouraged to work with a Beloit faculty advisor on a special project tailored to their interest in any study abroad location.

Other opportunities available for students with research experience and a recommendation from their advisor.


Anthropological Field School – various sites                                                            


Beloit’s Anthropological field training in research programs working with department faculty on excavations in Wisconsin, Illinois, Jamaica and the Atacama Desert of Chile.  See an advisor in the anthropology department for details.


Program Types
Ex = Exchange Program

D = Direct Enrollment

Ex/D = both Exchange and Direct Enrollment are available

P = Program Provider


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