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Study Abroad Programs with International Relations

International Relations students study abroad to acquire first hand knowledge of power, conflict, citizenship, peace, representation and justice as they occur in countries around the world, They also study other languages and build cultural competencies in their host sites.  

I had the opportunity to meet many interesting EU and private sector officials, work in an internship that regularly interacted with policymakers and various other actors in Brussels, and live in a space that allowed me to interact with people from all around Europe on a day-to-day basis.

Patrick Fraser, Vesalius College – Brussels, Spring 2016


NEW:  Sustainability in Asia:  Interdisciplinary studies at Beloit College with 3-week field studies in China (2017, 2019) and Japan (2018, 2020).

Belgium  - Vesalius College, Brussels (D)

  • Semesters: Fall, Spring.
  • Language: English.
  • Prereqs: 2.7 GPA, junior or senior standing; prior coursework in international relations strongly recommended. Housing: Home stay or apartment.
  • Details: Courses in international relations and communications (few advanced courses available) and quality, established internships in Brussels, a hub of the European Union, international diplomacy and commerce. Brussels offers a rich environment for out-of-classroom learning. Course listing here.  
  • Non-tuition Educational Expenses: Higher.

Ecuador - Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ) (Ex)

  • Semesters: Fall, Spring.
  • Language: Spanish, some courses may be partly in English.  
  • Prereqs: 3.0 GPA and 3.0 in Spanish, 2 years of college Spanish; previous course work for studio art courses, courses with a Latin American focus strongly recommended.
  • Housing: Host family.
  • Details: Orientation in Quito; small private university; study with local students; wide range of courses available, some attract American students; Quito in Transition course explores trends in Ecuadorian society, politics, history and economics through the study of the city of Quito; excursions; volunteer opportunities.
  • Non-tuition Educational Expenses: Same.

Germany – Erfurt University, Erfurt (Ex)

  • Semesters: Spring, Academic year.
  • Language: German, English.
  • Prereqs: 2 years college German, previous coursework relative to the understanding of Germany.
  • Housing: Dormitory.
  • Details: Intensive German language at beginning of term; university courses in politics, development and international affairs, German as a second language with disciplinary focus; study with local students; no natural sciences; some courses taught partially or fully in English at this bi-lingual university; few non-native German speakers in Erfurt; region is historically rich with archives, museums and study centers; travel opportunities in Germany and Central Europe.
  • Scholarships: Available for study in Germany: Scholarships page on the OIE website.
  • Non-tuition Educational Expenses: Higher.

Ghana – ISEP: University of Ghana, Legon (D or Ex)

  • Semesters: Fall, Spring.
  • Language: English, beginning Twi language course.
  • Prereqs: 3.0 GPA, previous coursework with African content recommended; students expected to enroll in a beginning Twi language course at the University of Ghana.
  • Housing: International student hostel on campus, stipend provided for meals.
  • Details: Study with Ghanaian and international students; Institute of African Studies (beginning level courses), courses in history, political science, economics at beginning to advanced levels; orientation program; resident director; sports and volunteering available.
  • Non-tuition Educational Expenses: Same.

Hong Kong - Lingnan University, Hong Kong, China (Ex)

  • Semesters: Fall, Spring.
  • Language: English.
  • Prereqs: Prior coursework in anthropology, Asian studies, economics, art history, political science, history or philosophy with Asian focus.
  • Housing: Shared room in campus student hostel.
  • Details: Study at the only Chinese liberal arts college with local and international students; live in an major Asian economic and international commerce center; basic Cantonese language available, no language prereq; wide range of courses in business, social sciences & humanities, no natural science courses; students encouraged to take courses in Cultural Studies; excellent facilities; student activities and excursions. 
  • Non-tuition Educational Expenses: Same.

Japan – Kansai Gaidai University, Hirakata City, Osaka (Ex)

  • Semesters: Fall, Spring.
  • Language: English, Japanese language courses in Japanese.  
  • Prereqs: 3.0 GPA and 3.0 in Japanese, 2 years college Japanese; previous coursework in Asian history, politics or other related areas.
  • Housing: Host family (strongly recommended), dormitory with international students where students provide own meals. 
  • Details: Asian Studies Program courses focused on Japan and taught in English; intensive Japanese language study; orientation program; Speaking Partner Program; courses with other international students and a few Japanese students; most courses are .75 Beloit units.
  • Scholarships: Available for study in Japan. See Scholarships page on the OIE Study Abroad website. 
  • Non-tuition Educational Expenses: Same.

Japan - Akita International University, Akita City (Ex)

  • Semesters: Fall, Spring.
  • Language: Japanese, English.
  • Prereqs: 2.5 GPA, 4 semesters Japanese language.
  • Housing: Dormitory.
  • Details: Curriculum is divided into five categories: Japan Studies courses, Japanese Language courses, Basic Education courses, the Global Business Program, the Global Studies Program. Global studies includes courses in transnational studies, Asian and N. American studies, terrorism and human security. Information on the Global Studies program. 
  • Non-tuition Educational Expenses: Same.

Jordan – CIEE: Language and Culture, University of Jordan, Amman (P)

  • Semesters: Fall, Spring.
  • Language: English, Arabic.
  • Prereqs: 2.75 GPA, previous coursework relative to the understanding of Jordan/Middle East.
  • Housing: Host family (cannot guarantee for male students), or apartment with other CIEE students with meal stipend. 
  • Details: Two required language courses: Arabic and colloquial Jordanian Arabic; study with CIEE and international students; choice of 2 other CIEE courses (or 1 course and an internship) in international relations and diplomacy the Middle East; volunteer opportunities.
  • Scholarships: CIEE scholarships for merit, need, travel, under-represented groups.
  • Non-tuition Educational Expenses: Higher.

Senegal - Baobab Center, Dakar, Senegal (D)

  • Semesters: Spring. 
  • Language: French, Wolof.
  • Prereqs: 5 semesters college French.
  • Housing: Host family.
  • Details: Collaboration with the Baobab Center locates students into two cities for field and classroom study. Students take Wolof, Dakar in Transition (explores trends in society through studying the city of Dakar); Gender and Development in Senegalese Literature; and a course on Islam; excursions. 
  • Non-tuition Educational Expenses: Lower.

Sweden - ISEP: Linnaeus University, Vaxjo (Ex)

  • Semesters: Spring.
  • Language: English.
  • Prereqs: 2.75 GPA.
  • Housing: Dormitory, stipend for meals on campus. 
  • Description: Courses in European Union politics, peace & development studies, and political science.
  • Non-tuition Educational Expenses: Same.

Uganda – SIT: Development Studies, Kampala, Uganda* (P)

  • Semesters: Fall, Spring.
  • Language: English, Luganda.
  • Prereqs: Background courses in development recommended, previous independent research.
  • Housing: Homestays (6 weeks in Kampala, 1 week rural homestay), hostels, guest houses or small hotels.
  • Details: Study with Americans on the program; limited curriculum designed for non-specialists; student plans 6-week practicum with a development organization; 2 week module, choice of focus: public health, grassroots development or gender and development; excursions.
  • Non-tuition Educational Expenses: Higher.

United Kingdom - University of Sussex, Brighton, England (D or EX)

  • Semesters: Fall, Spring.
  • Language: English.
  • Prereqs: 3.0 GPA.
  • Housing: Private accommodation in Brighton, Hove, or other communities for single semester students.  Dormitories for academic year students.
  • Details: Extensive course offerings in foundational and advanced topics in international relations, geopolitics, European studies, international development, and other topics.  
  • Non-tuition Educational Expenses: Higher.

United States - Washington Semester - American University, Washington DC (P)

  • Semesters: Fall, Spring.
  • Prereqs: Nomination from home school, strong academic record; introduction to world politics or similar coursework. 
  • Housing: Dormitory on the AU Tenley Campus; choose meal plan.
  • Details: Enroll in topic of study (e.g. Foreign Policy, Peace and Conflict Resolution, International Law and Organizations); study with U.S. and international students, set of courses related to the topic: Seminar (some include overseas travel), Internship, Research Project; expert guest speakers; meetings with policy makers; topics vary from year to year.
  • Non-tuition Educational Expenses: Higher.

* Exceeds the cap on tuition transfer off campus          



  • D: Direct enrollment in a university as a visiting student.
  • Ex: Enrollment in a university as an exchange student.
  • P: Provider program. Program organized for students attending U.S. colleges and universities.

Non-tuition educational expenses:

Cost of room and board compared to Beloit College. Other expenses to consider: airfare, local transportation, visas, health insurance, immunizations, books, student activity fees, recreational travel and other activities. 

  • Higher: Up to $2,000 more than Beloit College room and board for one semester.
  • Significantly Higher: $2,001 or more above Beloit College room and board.

Last Updated: 08/2016