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Study Abroad Programs with History

I was able to use my intercultural understanding of European culture that I had learned in my classes to more easily adapt to Italian life. It helped me understand why certain things happened the way they did or why Italians thought of Americans in a certain way, and it was extremely helpful.

Emily Canny, Lorenzo de Medici, Italy, Fall 2015 


History studies could also be enriched through Cities in Transition courses in Ecuador, China, and Senegal

Australia – Macquarie University, Sydney (D)

  • Semesters: Fall, Spring (southern hemisphere calendar).
  • Language: English.
  • Prereqs: 2.5 GPA, 3.0 for internship; previous coursework in field to qualify for advanced courses.
  • Housing: Dormitory or off-campus apartments.
  • Details: Study with local students; many courses on ancient and modern history; orientation and a guide to Sydney on line; internships possible, volunteer opportunities available. Sample courses here.
  • Non-Tuition Educational Expenses: Significantly higher.

Austria – IES Vienna*  (P) 

  • Semesters: Fall, Spring.
  • Language: English, German.
  • Prereqs: 3.0 GPA; 4 semesters of college German for students enrolling in German-taught courses in the fall; 5 semesters of German required for German-taught courses in the spring; no German required by IES for English-taught courses – however some college German is required.
  • Housing: Private apartment, shared apartment, or dormitory. 
  • Details: Studying at Universität Wien, founded in 1365, in the historic city of Vienna; IES history courses focus on Vienna, Viennese culture, the Habsburg Empire, religions of Central Europe, art history, and modernity. Courses in literature and economics also complement history studies. More courses available at the university for qualified students. Internships for credit are available. German language study encouraged.  
  • Non-tuition Educational Expenses: Higher.

Germany – Erfurt University, Erfurt (Ex)

  • Semesters: Spring, Academic year.
  • Language: German, English.
  • Prereqs: 2 years college German, previous coursework relative to the understanding of Germany.
  • Housing: Dormitory.
  • Details: Intensive German language at beginning of term; university courses in politics, development and international affairs, German as a second language with disciplinary focus; study with local students; no natural sciences; some courses taught partially or fully in English at this bi-lingual university; few non-native German speakers in Erfurt; region is historically rich with archives, museums and study centers; travel opportunities in Germany and Central Europe.
  • Scholarships: Available for study in Germany. See the Scholarships page on the OIE Study Abroad website. 
  • Non-tuition Educational Expenses: Higher.

Ghana – ISEP: University of Ghana, Legon  (D or Ex)

  • Semesters: Fall, Spring.
  • Language: English, beginning Twi language course.
  • Prereqs: 3.0 GPA; previous coursework with African content recommended; students expected to enroll in a beginning Twi language course at the University of Ghana.
  • Housing: International student hostel on campus, stipend provided for meals.
  • Details: Study with Ghanaian and international students; Institute of African Studies (beginning level courses), courses in history, political science, economics at beginning to advanced levels; orientation program; resident director; sports and volunteering available.
  • Non-tuition Educational Expenses: Same.

Hungary –  Eötvös Collegium, Budapest (Ex) 

  • Semesters: Fall, Academic year.
  • Language: English, Hungarian language class.
  • Prereqs: Hungarian language and culture course strongly recommended.
  • Housing: Live in the Collégium, honors college of Eötvös University, with Hungarian students.
  • Details: Study with program students, courses in Hungarian language, history, art and culture, research seminar and a directed individual research project; museum project possible; option of a literature course in the Anglo-American Workshop; other university courses available; rich cultural environment; orientation to the city.
  • Non-tution Educational Expenses: Same.

India – ISEP: University of Hyderabad (D) 

  • Semesters: Fall (semester starts end of July), Spring. 
  • Language: English, with language study in most Indian languages.
  • Prereqs: 3.0 GPA, junior or senior standing; previous coursework relative to the understanding of India. 
  • Housing: Single or double room on-campus, shared bath; meal plan.
  • Details: One of India’s newest, smallest (2000 students) and best-equipped university campuses; study with Indian and international students; courses in Indian history; courses in Sanskrit as well as directed field studies offer opportunities to further explore this historic and changing nexus of Islam and Hinduism; orientation, access to campus sports and cultural programs. 
  • Non-tuition Educational Expenses: Lower.

Italy – Florence: Arts, Humanities & Culture (P)

  • Semesters: Fall.
  • Language: English, Italian language class.
  • Prereqs: Junior or senior standing, background in art history, studio art, modern languages or the humanities.
  • Housing: Host family; breakfast and dinner with family. 
  • Details: Study with Americans on the program; study of the Italian Renaissance through classes, scholarly papers, excursions, field trips, museums; Italian language course required, students choose other 3 courses from 6 electives including a drawing class in a traditional atelier.
  • Non-tuition Educational Expenses: Higher.

Malta – ISEP: University of Malta, Msida (D or Ex)

  • Semesters: Spring (ending in late June).
  • Language: English.
  • Prereqs: 3.0 GPA, prior coursework in history or European studies.
  • Housing: Off-campus residence halls, stipend provided for meals.
  • Details: The university is known for its courses in Mediterranean history, medieval Europe, civilization and imperial conquest; Order of Saint-John and the Knights of Malta is a subject of interest on the island; broad curriculum available; flexibility in course selection necessary as the curriculum is restructured.
  • Non-tuition Educational Expenses: Same.

Russia – Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow (Ex)

  • Semesters: Fall, Academic year.
  • Language: Russian.
  • Prereqs: 2 years college Russian, previous course work in Russian history and literature in translation recommended. 
  • Housing: Dormitory.
  • Details: Intensive study of Russian; small classes with international students; wide variety of courses available at the university with proficient Russian; Moscow in Transition explores trends in society and culture through the study of the city of Moscow; easy access to cultural opportunities, and public transportation, 30 minute walk to Red Square.
  • Non-tuition Educational Expenses: Higher.

United Kingdom – University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland (D)

  • Semesters: Fall, Spring.
  • Language: English.
  • Prereqs: 3.0 GPA; previous study in your field, coursework relative to the understanding of Scotland.
  • Housing: University assists students find housing in dormitory or student flats.
  • Details: University has switched to a semester system; study with local and international students, wide variety of first and second year courses available, third year courses possible in major with background. Sample courses in History are here
  • Non-tuition Educational Expenses: Higher.

United Kingdom - University of York, York, England (D, Ex)

  • Semesters: Fall, Academic year.
  • Language: English.
  • Prereq: 3.0 GPA.
  • Housing: Dormitory.
  • Details: Students live in colleges and are assigned to an academic advisor. York's campus is on a former estate; the medieval city center, where medieval studies are taught, is short bus-ride away. Term system (1 in the fall, 2 in the spring). See history department info here.
  • Non-tuition educational expenses: Same.

United States - ACM: Newberry Seminar: Research in the Humanities (P)  

  • Semesters: Fall.
  • Prereqs: Junior or senior status; preparing serious research in the Humanities.
  • Housing: Canterbury Court Apartments, downtown Chicago. 
  • Details: Work with faculty members to delve into the collection of the Newberry Library in Chicago; the Library's collections focus on the civilizations of Western Europe and the Americas from the late middle ages to the early 20th century; designed for mature and motivated students.
  • Non-tuition Educational Expenses: Higher.

* Exceeds the cap on tuition transfer off-campus.  



  • D: Direct enrollment in a university as a visiting student.
  • Ex: Enrollment in a university as an exchange student.
  • P: Provider program. Program organized for students attending U.S. colleges and universities.

Non-tuition Educational Expenses:

Cost of room and board compared to Beloit College. Other expenses to consider: airfare, local transportation, visas, health insurance, immunizations, books, student activity fees, recreational travel and other activities. 

  • Higher: Up to $2,000 more than Beloit College room and board for one semester. 
  • Significantly Higher: $2,001 or more above Beloit College room and board.

Last Updated: 08/2016