An organization connected to my program has provided a network of people who may be future co-workers or bosses and who have helped me develop direction and purpose in my senior year of college and will support my ventures, whatever they turn out to be.  I have more purpose in my major because I now know how the subject material can apply and relate to my future plans.

Sofia Noorani '12, CIEE Development and Globalization in Khon Kaen, Thailand, Spring 2011

Belgium - Vesalius College, Brussels (D)                                              

Fall, Spring  Language: English.  Prereqs: 2.7 GPA, junior or senior standing at time of enrollment. French or Dutch language study and prior coursework in international relations strongly recommended.  Housing: Host family or other private accommodation.  Details: Liberal arts college with a high percentage of international students.  Courses in business, international relations and communications (few advanced courses available) and established internships in Brussels for credit. French and Dutch language study available. High prevalence of English makes this a poor destination for language immersion. Access to major university libraries in a hub of the European Union, international diplomacy and commerce.  Non-tuition educational expenses:  Higher  For:  BE, IPE majors

Botswana – ACM: University Immersion in Southern Africa, University of Botswana, Gaborone  (P)                   

Spring  Language: English. Prereqs: Prior study of political development and social change, background in field methods recommended.  Housing: Dormitory.  Details:  Program students enroll in one or two university courses, learn elementary Setswana, and take program courses, some of which also enroll University of Botswana students.  Field trips. Focus on African studies, development and social change.  Non-tuition educational expenses:  Lower  For: IPE majors

Ecuador - Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ)  (Ex)     

Fall, Spring  Language: Spanish.  Some courses offered in English. Prereqs: 3.0 GPA, 3.0 average in Spanish. 2 years of college-level Spanish or the equivalent. Enrollment in a Spanish course the semester or summer before enrollment.  Prior coursework with a Latin American focus strongly recommended.  Housing: Host family.  Details: Quito in Transition course taught remotely by a Beloit College faculty member.  Liberal arts university with some professional programs.  Excursions and volunteer opportunities.  Non-tuition educational expenses: Same  For: E, BE, IPE majors

Ireland - Limerick University, Limerick (D)

Fall, Spring  Language:  English. Prereqs:  2.9 GPA. Housing:  Dormitory. Details: Business studies, economics & mathematical sciences, economics & sociology, financial mathematics, international business, law & accounting.  Lovely campus on two sides of the Shannon River; excellent sports facilities available at no charge.  Non-tuition educational expenses:  Same

Japan - Akita International University, Akita City (Ex)

Fall, Spring  Language: English plus Japanese language and culture courses. Prereqs:  2 years of college-level Japanese, 2.5 GPA and 2.5 average in Japanese, previous coursework focused on Japan.  Housing: Dormitory. Details:  Global Studies and Global Business.  Residential campus with Japan's only 24-hour library.  Students live and study with Japanese students.  Only Japanese language and cultural courses are limited to international students. Semester calendar:  March – July, September – December.  Non-tuition educational costs:  Same

Japan – Kansai Gaidai University, Hirakata City, Osaka (Ex)

Fall, Spring  Language: English excepting Japanese language courses. Prereqs: 3.0 GPA and 3.0 average in Japanese. Prior Japanese area studies strongly recommended. Housing: Host family (strongly recommended), international student dorm, or international student apartments.  Details: Asian Studies Program focused on Japan and taught in English.  Intensive Japanese language study.  Non-tuition educational expenses:  Same

United Kingdom - University of Dundee, Dundee (D)

Fall, Spring  Language: English.  Prereq:  3.0 GPA. Housing:  Dormitory.  Details: Economics, mathematics & economics, business management, business economics with marketing, international business.  Non-tuition educational expenses:  Higher

United Kingdom - University of Essex, Colchester (D)

Fall, Spring  Language: English. Prereq: 3.0 GPA.  Housing: Dormitory. Details: Economics, business. One term in the fall, two during Beloit College's spring semester.  Non-tuition educational expenses: Lower

United Kingdom - University of York, York (D)

Fall, Academic year  Language: English.  Prereq: 3.0 GPA.  Housing: Dormitory.  Details: Students live in colleges and are assigned to an academic advisor.  York's campus is on a former estate; the medieval city center is short bus-ride away. All economics classes begin in the fall.  Term system (1 in the fall, 2 in the spring). Non-tuition educational expenses: Same.

United States - ACM: Business, Entrepreneurship & Society, Chicago (P)

Fall, Spring  Prereqs: Junior or senior standing at time of enrollment. Housing: Dormitory in Plsen. Details: City of Chicago-centered core course, elective course, an internship connecting academics to the world of work; an independent study project.  The city of Chicago often serves as the classroom.  Non-tuition educational expenses: Higher



D:  Direct enrollment in a university as a visiting student

Ex: Enrollment in a university as an exchange student

P:  Provider program.  Program organized for students attending U.S. colleges and universities.

Non-tuition educational expenses:  Cost of room and board compared to Beloit College. Other expenses to consider:  airfare, local transportation, visas, health insurance, immunizations, books, student activity fees, recreational travel and other activities. Higher:  Up to $2,000 more than Beloit College room and board for one semester. Significantly Higher:  $2,001 or more above Beloit College room and board.

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