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Computer Science

I had the opportunity to take a masters-level computer science course on data mining. I had suspected that something in the realm of data mining might be something which I wanted to do with my career, and this course definitely reinforced that. In addition, it is a branch of computer science which is unfortunately not taught at Beloit due to the size of our department. Thus, this was an incredible experience for me both in terms of helping shape what I may want to do for a career, and for taking a breadth of classes which would not otherwise have been possible.

Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco, Spring 2016

CS majors or prospective majors are strongly encouraged to have early discussion with a CS adviser to determine the best timing of study abroad.

Australia – Macquarie University, Sydney (D)                  

Fall, Spring (southern hemisphere calendar)  Language: English.  Prereqs: 2.5 GPA, 3.0 for internship.  Housing: Dormitory or off-campus apartment.  Details: The department of computer science, engineering, and IT offers courses in artificial intelligence, security, human-computer interactions, numerical analysis, database systems and theories of computing. Internships possible, volunteer opportunities available.  Non-tuition Educational Expenses:  Significantly higher

France - ISEP – various (Ex)

Fall, Spring  Language: French.  Housing: Dormitory.  Prereqs: 2.75 GPA, advanced French. Details:  Nearly all ISEP partners, except Lille and Rennes, offer computer science courses taught in French. Non-tuition Educational Expenses: Same

Morocco – Al Akhawayn University, Ifrane, Morocco (Ex)                         

Fall, Spring  Language: English.  Prereqs: 3.0 GPA. French or Arabic language knowledge an asset.  Housing: Dormitory.  Details: Extensive course listings in computer science in the School of Science and Engineering. A description of the computer science major can be found in the university catalog.  Arabic and French language courses available.  Non-tuition Educational Expenses: Same

New Zealand – ISEP: Massey University Palmerston-North, Manawatu (D)                                      

Fall (July-Nov), Spring (February-July)   Language: English. Prereqs: 3.0 GPA. Housing: Dormitory. Details:  Computer science offerings focus on artificial intelligence, data structures & algorithms, object-oriented programming, computer graphics & image processing, mobile applications, logic circuits & low-level programming, concurrent programming, programming languages, data communications, networks & web applications, and computer modelling & simulation. Maori studies available.   Non-tuition Educational Expenses: Higher

United Kingdom – University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland (D)                           

Fall, Spring  Language: English.  Prereqs: 3.0 GPA.  Housing: Dormitories.  Details The School of Computing Science offers degrees in computing science, electronic & software engineering, informatics, and software engineering. Non-tuition Educational Expenses: Same

United Kingdom – Goldsmiths University of London, England (D)                          

Fall, Spring  Language: English.  Prereqs: 3.0 GPA.  Housing: Dormitory.  Details: Focus on the advancement of computing in many different technological areas including artificial intelligence, biology and genetics, cognitive science, computer games and entertainment, computer music, computer vision, design, digital arts, archaeology and architecture, and haptics, as well as in computer science itself.  Non-tuition Educational Expenses: Higher

United Kingdom – ISEP: Ulster University, Magee Campus, Londonderry/Derry,  N. Ireland (D)

Fall (with instructor permission to be examined before January), Spring  Language: English.  Prereqs: 2.75 GPA.  Housing: Apartment, dormitory, or student house.  Details: Information on computer science modules (courses) can be found here. Irish studies available.   Non-tuition Educational Expenses: Higher

United States: ACM – Oak Ridge Science Semester, Oak Ridge, TN (P)  

Fall  Prereqs: 3.0 GPA. Senior standing at time of enrollment preferred. Major in biology, chemistry, computer science, physics or social sciences. Housing: Apartment. Details: Program focus on national and global energy and environmental.  Intensive research in Oak Ridge laboratories. Interdisciplinary seminar, advanced course options; guest speakers, departmental colloquia.  Non-tuition Educational Expenses:  Same.  Note: In most years, students receive a stipend and housing allowance.

Other opportunities

Research opportunities for summer and for field terms can also be found at the Argonne National Laboratory during the summer, fall or spring.  See Yaffa Grossman ( for information.  Also of possible interest are the German Academic Exchange's RISE summer internships in which undergraduates studying natural sciences, engineering, or life sciences assist doctoral students with their research; and the CBYX  Young Professionals Program, an 11-month experience of intensive German language study, university study, and a 6-month paid internship. 



D:  Direct enrollment in a university as a visiting student

Ex: Enrollment in a university as an exchange student

P:  Provider program.  Program organized for students attending U.S. colleges and universities.

Non-tuition educational expenses:  Cost of room and board compared to Beloit College. Other expenses to consider:  airfare, local transportation, visas, health insurance, immunizations, books, student activity fees, recreational travel and other activities. Higher:  Up to $2,000 more than Beloit College room and board for one semester. Significantly Higher:  $2,001 or more above Beloit College room and board.

Last Updated: 7/2016