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Domestic Programs

Domestic Program Learning Goals

Beloit College provides opportunities for students to enroll in domestic off-campus programs in order to combine practical experience with their more theoretical studies. Students are expected to:

  • gain new perspectives on their fields of study;
  • develop the ability to apply theory to practice and practice to theory;
  • learn to engage with situations and questions that challenge their own assumptions and values;
  • develop the ability to articulate what they have learned; and
  • learn about and from the environments in which they live and study.

ACM Chicago Program Arts, Entrepreneurship, Urban Studies, Chicago IL

ACM Urban Education Student teaching, Chicago, IL

ACM Newberry Seminar Research in the Humanities, Chicago IL

ACM/GLCA Oak Ridge Science Semester, Oak Ridge TN

O'Neill National Theatre Institute, Waterford CT

Sea Education Association: SEA Semester, Woods Hole MA

Semester in Environmental Science, Woods Hole MA, fall only

Washington Semester American University, Washington DC

Williams Mystic Seaport, Mystic CT