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Russia Exchange Program

Moscow bulbs 

Study at the Russian State University for the Humanities

Study in Moscow at the Russian State University for the Humanities, just 30 minutes walk from Red Square!

  • Fall semester
  • Curriculum:
    • Russian language curriculum for foreign students focused on literature, culture and history
    • Small classes
    • Opportunities to take courses with Russian students in the regular university curriculum, especially for students with advanced Russian language skills
  • Housing in double rooms in a residence hall for international students located within the limited-access university campus. Kitchen and bathroom facilities.
  • Costs: Beloit College tuition and room, the Beloit activities fee, $50 overseas administrative fee, and a $90 wellness fee. Students purchase meals in the campus dining room or cook their own meals in the residence hall kitchens.
  • Eligibility:
    • Two years of college Russian (or equivalent) required, with third year Russian recommended. Students have found it very useful to take intensive Russian through Beloit College‚Äôs Center for Language Studies the summer immediately before their semester in Russia.
    • Coursework in Russian history, politics and literature, etc. recommended as additional preparation
  • Program highlights: Full immersion in Russian language and culture, learn Russian perspectives on your fields of study, live in the great center of Russian cultural, political and economic life, opportunities for community engagement, vast cultural opportunities available in Moscow
  • Grades: US System
  • Credits:
    Course Beloit Units
    Phonetics 0.5
    Literary Text 1.0
    The Language of Mass Media 0.5
    Fairytales of Russia 0.5
    Grammar 1.0
    The language of cinema 0.5
    Conversational Russian 1.0
    Russia and the World 0.5

History of the Russia Exchange Program

Moscow Kremlin