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Norway Visiting Student Program

Study at Sogn og Fjordane University - Sogndal in Western Norway

Study abroad in Sogndal, Norway, an area rich in geologic diversity. The university  is located between mountains, fjords and waterfalls in Sogn og Fjordane County, with a student population of 3000 split between two campuses. The surrounding areas span over a variety of environments ranging from marine to high alpine, with glaciers and several nature parks on the World Heritage list. The university also boasts close relationships between students and faculty, an active student life, and vibrant local communities.

  • Fall or spring semester
  • Fall curriculum: students enroll in the From Mountain to Fjord program, taught in English. This is an interdisciplinary course focusing on the geology and ecology of western Norway. It consists of a "crash course" in Norwegian and three consecutive blocks (Geological Aspects of Western Norway, Glaciers and Ecology, and Fjord Processes), including a total of 21 days fieldwork and excursions to the surrounding land and fjord areas. Maximum of 30 students allowed in the program.
  • Spring curriculum: students enroll in the Geohazards and Climate Change program, taught in English. This program features three units (Climate Change, Geohazards, and Engineering Geology and Early Warning) and has a practical focus.
  • Housing: Students live in college residence halls.
  • Costs: Beloit College tuition, $50 overseas administrative fee, and a $90 wellness fee.  Students pay room fees in Norway and purchase meals in campus dining facilities.
  • Eligibility: Students must have at least three semesters of college coursework with a background in geology and the natural sciences. 
  • Program highlights: Fieldwork and practical application of studies, including excursions to the diverse natural landscape surrounding the university.
  • Credits: Each program lasts one semester and is awarded 30 ECTS credits (4 Beloit units)