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Kansai-ben Survival Manual

By: Zachary Steinberger Adams, an Honors Term Project - Fall 2010 Zach Adams in Japan

This is a Kansai-ben Survival Manual for Beloit College students' successful study abroad at Kansai Gaidai University in Japan. It is in PDF format, and is divided into sub-units so you can download and print sections as you need it. Or you can click here for the full version.

Manual Introduction, how to use this manual

第1課  〜へん(〜ない)Negative Verb Conjugation

第2課  や(だ)Plain Copula; Conditional Form; Supposition

第3課   で(よ)Sentence Final Particle

第4課  せ(そう)Expression; Adverb

第5課  ちゃう(ちがう) “Wrong;” Sentence Final Expression

第6課  あかん(だめ) “Bad;” “No Good;” Negative Imperative

第7課  ほんま(ほんとう)Expression; Question; Adverbial Intensifier

第8課  めっちゃ(とても/すごく)Adverbial Intensifier

第9課  ゆう(言う) “To Say;” Quoting

第10課  ええ(いい) “Good;” Permissive Form; Expression

第11課  やん(じゃん)Expression

第12課  おもろい(おもしろい) “Interesting;” “Funny”

第13課  おる(いる)To Be, To Exist

第14課  なあ、ね、わ A Discussion On Genderized Sentence Final Particles

第15課  ねん Sentence Final Particle

第16課  Contracted 〜い Adjectives

第17課  アホ vs. ばか Insults



© 2010 Zachary Adams. All rights reserved.