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Hungary Exchange Program

Budapest Hungary Bath 

Study at József Eötvös Collégium in Budapest

Students study at the Collégium, an academically elite college of the Eötvös University (ELTE), Hungary's primary institution of higher education.

  • Fall semester
  • Curriculum:
    • Hungarian Language (1 unit), Hungarian Culture (.5 unit) and a combination of .5 unit tutorials, seminars offered by the Collégium, and/or ELTE courses, depending on students' interests and preparation.  It may also be possible to enroll in a special project supervised by a Collégium or ELTE faculty member.
    • Courses are chosen upon arrival in Hungary in consultation with a Collégium advisor and the student's faculty advisor at Beloit College.
  • Housing is in the Collégium, sharing a room with 1 or 2 Hungarian roommates. The hall has a male and female wing, each with a kitchen for preparing meals.
  • Costs: Beloit College tuition, room, the Beloit activities fee, $50 overseas administrative fee, and a $90 wellness fee.  Students are responsible for bearing the costs of their own meals while in Hungary.
  • Eligibility:
    • A course in Hungarian language and culture offered at Beloit before studying in Hungary is strongly recommended.
    • Previous coursework in which students have been able to focus on Hungary is strongly recommended.
  • Program highlights: Live in and explore Budapest, a rich cultural treasure, work with a research advisor on a topic you choose in humanities, social sciences or math and natural sciences, learn Hungarian perspectives on your fields of study, gain insight into Central European history and culture, easy access by public transportation to many historical and cultural attractions in the region. Beloit College students frequently serve as native speaker resources for the Collégium's advanced English language courses.

History of the Hungary Program

Grades: US System

  • Credits:
    Course Beloit Units
    Intensive Hungarian Language 1.0
    Hungarian culture 0.5
    tutorials 0.5
    Collégium seminars 0.5
    University courses 0.5
    Special project .5 to 1.0

In recent years, Beloit students have studied education and pedagogy, foreign languages, political science, literature, history, and creative writing while in Hungary.  At the time of application, students should talk with a study abroad advisor in the Office of International Education about their disciplinary interests, so that an inquiry can be sent to the Collégium to confirm the availabilit of relevant coursework.