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Hong Kong Exchange Program

Lingnan Tai Chi 

Study at Lingnan University Lingnan - Housing Estates

Students study at the only Liberal Arts University in China

  • Fall, spring or academic year.  (Note:  Chinese nationals are not permitted to study in Hong Kong in their final semester of studies.)
  • Curriculum:
    • Courses taught in English
    • Study Hong Kong and Asia in the Cultural Studies and other programs as well as courses with a service-learning focus.
    • Humanities and social science courses including philosophy, history, business and comparative literature
    • Most courses equal .75 Beloit course units, so students enroll in 5 courses
    • Basic Cantonese available
  • Housing in double rooms with local roommates in campus hostels. Lingnan - CanteenPurchase meals in campus dining facilities (canteen and restaurant) and nearby restaurants or cook in hostel kitchens.
  • Costs: Beloit College tuition and room, the Beloit activities fee, $50 overseas administrative fee, and a $90 wellness fee.
  • Eligibility:
    • Students are strongly encouraged to enroll in courses in anthropology, Asian studies, economics, art history, political science, history or philosophy with an Asian focus as preparation for this program. Mandarin Chinese may be useful but is not required.
  • Program highlights: Study liberal arts in an economic center of Asia and learn Hong Kong perspectives on your fields of study. Excellent library and sports facilities, opportunities for service learning, university provided excursions, student clubs and activities, Asian travel opportunities.

History of the Hong Kong Exchange Program

Photos:  Housing estates near Lingnan University (upper right), Lingnan University canteen (center right), neighborhood residents practice Tai Chi on Lingnan University's main plaza (top)

Credit Translation Table:

US Semester Hours  Beloit Units
1 .25
2 .5
3 .75
4 1.0
5 1.25
6 1.5