Photos of Jinan

Jinan, location of Shandong University

photos courtesy of Daniel Youd


[Off-Campus Study - Gathering Water] 

Jinan is known as the City of Springs because of its numerous natural springs. People come to the springs to collect water for home use.

[Off-Campus Study - Jinan Springs]

[Off-Campus Study - Springs]

[Off-Campus Study - Silver Plaza] 


[IMAGE] This photo is taken at the water fountains in the Silver Plaza in central Jinan. It is the second largest plaza in China.

[Off-Campus Study - Silver Plaza] 

[IMAGE] An exercise area in the Silver Plaza.

[Off-Campus Study - Rare Alleyway] 

[IMAGE] Entry way of a traditional house. These are increasingly hard to find in central Jinan.

Shandong University - photos found on line.

[Off-Campus Study - Shandong Gate] 

[IMAGE] This is the Shandong University Gate

[Off-Campus Study - Shandong Library] 

[IMAGE] Shandong University Library

[Off-Campus Study - Building Recycling]

[Off-Campus Study - Building Site] 

[IMAGE][IMAGE] Construction site. The apartment building in the rear is being deconstructed. A wall being built in the foreground will help enclose the building site and the dormitories for the workers.