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Beloit College Semester and Academic Year Programs

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The programs listed on this page take place during the academic year.  All involve semester-long study.  In some cases, students may remain at the study abroad site for a second semester of study.

A few short-term, faculty-led programs also take place during the academic year, and are described on a second page.

Students who plan to study abroad in China, Ecuador, Russia and Senegal can find models for the kind of projects they might undertake in those countries as part of the Cities in Transition courses they take.

China: Henan University - Study Chinese language at Henan University (in Kaifeng) and conduct field research in a course on Chinese Cities in Transition.  Advisor: Daniel Youd

China: Shandong University - Study Chinese language at Shandong University (in Jinan) and conduct field research in a course on Chinese Cities in Transition.  Advisor: Daniel Youd

Ecuador: USFQ- Quito - Live in Quito and study a city in transition while enrolled in the Universidad San Francisco de Quito. Advisor: Sylvia Lopez

Ecuador: USFQ- San Cristobal (Galápagos Islands) - Pursue environmental studies on the Galápagos Islands through the Universidad San Francisco de Quito. Advisor- Ken Yasukawa

England and Italy: London & Florence: Arts in Context - Study in two cultural capitals and focus on the arts that have made these two cities central to the heritage of the West.  Advisor: Tamara Ketabgian (Note: this is not an exchange program)

Germany: Erfurt University - Study with Germans and international students in Erfurt, the capital of Thuringia, a center of German and European history and culture. Advisor: Elizabeth Brewer, International Education

Hong Kong, China: Lingnan University - Take social science and humanities courses in English at China's only liberal arts university. Live in a multilingual Asian economic and cultural center. Advisor: John Rapp

Hungary: Eötvös University Collégium - Live with local students in the Collégium, an honors college of the Eötvös University, on the Buda side of the Danube River. Advisor: András Boros-Kazai

Italy:   Florence: Arts, Humanities & Culture - Explore Renaissance Italy through courses in art and architecture, language, studio art, and more.  Advisor:  Tamara Ketabgian. (Note: this is not an exchange program)

Japan: Akita International University - Study in Japan with international and Japanese students or at Akita International University. Advisor: Susan Furukawa

Japan: Kansai Gaidai University - Study in Japan with international and Japanese students in the Kansai Gaidai Asian Studies program in Hirakata. Advisor: Susan Furukawa

Japan: Rikkyo University - Study Japanese language and history in Tokyo. Advisor: Susan Furukawa

Morocco: Al Akhawayn University - Study in Morocco in an Arabic/French language setting in the Atlas Mountains. Courses available in all disciplinary areas. Advisor: Elizabeth Brewer

Norway: Sogn og Fjordane University - Take advantage of Western Norway's diverse natural environment by enrolling in the From Mountain to Fjord program in the fall semester or Geohazards and Climate Change in the spring.  Students live in college residence halls. Advisor: Laura Parmentier

Russia: Russian State University for the Humanities - Explore historic and contemporary Moscow and undertake field research as you become more fluent in Russian at RSUH in the heart of of the city. Advisors: Donna Oliver and Olga Ogurtsova

Senegal: Senegal program in Dakar - Study in French, learn Wolof, and take courses on Senegalese cities, health policy, development and Islam. Learn with local students and live with host families in Dakar. Advisor: Michelle Bumatay (Note: this is not an exchange program)

United Kingdom: University of Sussex -  Study at an English University in Brighton (one hour from London) focused on enhancing interdisciplinary study opportunities.  Academic strengths include: Chemistry, Physics, Global Studies, Anthropology, Geography, Development Studies. Advisor: Elizabeth Brewer

United Kingdom: University of York- Study at the University of York in York, England.  Academic strengths include: Mathematics, Economics, Medieval Studies, Sociology, History.  Advisor: Ellen Joyce, Pablo Toral

Note: Some departments at York offer year-long modules.  These are not available to students beginning their studies at York in the spring semester. 

Map of Beloit College Study Programs