Apply for your Approval from Beloit College

The off-campus study application process has two steps: you must get approval from the OIE before applying to a program or university abroad. First, students apply for approval from Beloit College, then they apply for admission to their approved program or university.

1) Apply for Approval from the Beloit College Committee on International Education.

The Committee is a composed of six faculty members, two students, and the the director of International Education. Your application is an exercise designed to ensure that your plan coheres to the College's learning goals for off-campus study, that you have a clear academic purpose connected to your studies, and that you will have the necessary preparation to succeed in your plan.

Components of the Application:

  • StudioAbroad Application (Beloit user name and password)
  • Three recommendations (2 faculty, 1 peer), requested and submitted through StudioAbroad Recommendation Instructions for Faculty and Peers
  • An unofficial transcript from the Portal, submitted as a PDF via StudioAbroad and printed and brought to the OIE on the deadline
  • A 15-minute interview with a faculty member about your study abroad plan - sign up for a time slot when you turn in your transcript

Instructional Resources:

2) After receiving approval from the OIE, apply directly to your host university (exchange and direct enrollment), ISEP, or program provider. See resources here.

**NOTE: All secondary applications for Beloit exchange programs and ISEP go through the OIE**