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Off-Campus Study

Thinking about studying off-campus, but don't know where to start?

Here's a step-by-step guide:

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  1. Find out what other students have done

  2. See a road map of the process

  3. Contemplate your goals for study abroad

  4. Get answers to frequently asked questions



  [Explore image] 5.  Talk with an OIE advisor

  6.  Identify how study abroad connects to your studies

  7. Search for options




[Plan image]  8. Talk to an ambassador

  9. Calculate costs

  10.  Seek out scholarships

  11. Read program evaluations (available in the OIE)

  12. Learn more about your host country


[Apply image]


 13. Apply for Beloit College approval first

  Deadlines are Nov. 1 (early decision) and Feb. 1 (final)

 14.  Apply for admission to your host institution second

  Deadlines vary by university and program


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  15. Work through the pre-departure checklist

  16. Attend the Orientation Conference the semester before you go

  17. Access resources to help you prepare

  18. Learn and know how to handle emergencies


[Go image]


  19. Engage with your host environment

  20. Navigate cultural adjustment

  21. Report any health or security incidents to the OIE

  22. Reflect as you go through writing, discussion and correspondence


[Return image]

  23. Complete a post-study abroad reflection and evaluation

  24.  Get credit for your coursework abroad

  25.  Reflect on your experience in a variety of ways

  26Support other Beloiters in the study abroad process

  27.  Share about your experience







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