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Hiroyuki Sera, Japan

Hiroyuki Sera, Japan (testimonialint7)Waseda University, Japan
2007-2008 Academic Year
Areas of Study: Business Administration and Economics

My goals before coming to Beloit were to improve my English, develop my knowledge, especially of economics and business, and grow up mentally. These were all met during my time studying here.

I found if you live in different culture, you should follow and respect that culture rather than your own culture. It's sometimes hard to understand a different culture, but it's fun and interesting. Knowing a different culture makes your way of thinking and perspective different and broader.

While at Beloit I have most enjoyed playing soccer!! This is because I love soccer so much and I also love communicating with people through something like sports.  I found people can communicate with each other even if their languages are different. Soccer linked me to wonderful friends! If I were to study at Beloit again, I would join the varsity soccer team. It would be fun to play with American students!

 My advice is to do what you really want to do, and work hard.  Just enjoy your time!!