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Liudmila Makurina, Russia

Liudmila Makurina, Russia (testimonialint5)Russian State University for the Humanities, Russia
2008 Spring Semester
Areas of Study: Management, Marketing and Business Administration

Coming to Beloit College, my main goals were to improve my language, communication and dance skills. I also expected to extend my academic knowledge and enlarge my world-view. Most of these goals were achieved while at Beloit College and I really enjoyed the time I spent here. Most of all I enjoyed my academic life at Beloit College, especially the anthropology and dance courses I took. These classes helped develop my personality and made me a more organized and confident person.

While at Beloit, I became more organized and learned how to manage my time properly. I also understood here that my future career should be connected with communications and teaching. I had the experience of helping teach Latin dance and I really enjoyed that time. In my anthropology class I developed the skills of analysis and writing. And I’m sure this experience will help in my academic life in Russia.

Beloit College has a lot of opportunities for its students in terms of academics and social life.

I would recommend for the future students to not to be afraid to try something different from their majors, and to participate in on-campus activities because it can open new perspectives in their lives.

I think I chose the right approach toward my educational process and social life at Beloit College. If I had more time here I’d continue my studies of anthropology and dance and I would travel more within the United States.