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Serkan Karadas, Turkey

Serkan Karadas, Turkey (testimonialint3)University of Marmara, Turkey
2007-2008 Academic Year
Areas of Study: Economics and Business Administration

My goals before coming to Beloit were to further develop my languages skills and to familiarize myself with American culture. They were all met.

I mostly enjoyed the international environment at Beloit. Sitting at a table with people from more than 12 countries at once was thoroughly amazing for me.

Please, do not have any concern about people, dorms, classes and the environment. Everything at Beloit was well-organized and unforgettable. However, get as many warm clothes as possible because the weather might be extraordinarily cold.

I learned the fact that I am a very industrious and sociable person and it is not a problem at all to study and at the same time to hang out with friends and to attend extracurricular activities. The people in the US are very versatile and that is a key experience in my life at Beloit.