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Eva Hozlieter, Hungary

Eva Hozlieter, Hungary (testimonialint2)Eötvös Collégium, Hungary
2008 Spring Semester
Areas of Study: Mathematics, German, and English

I wanted to learn new perspectives in various fields of life and, of course, improve my English language skills. In my home university I studied German and math, so I tried to focus on these fields while at Beloit in order to compare different approaches in the teaching style and the learning experience. 

I think the whole four months were an unforgettable experience. The most different part of my semester was the community life of the college. Since the campus is very small almost everyone knows each other. If you don’t get to know people in your classes you will meet them in the cafeteria. I think it is very important for students to have a community where they can feel at home. The college tries to do its best to meet this expectation. 

The most important thing I learned during my exchange is how to tolerate differences. The only way it works is when you are open-minded and put aside your preconceptions. Of course, like almost everyone in the world, I also had some stereotypes of people from different countries and cultures. To abolish my false stereotypes, I had a very good and easy strategy: I asked questions. Whenever I did not understand something important about someone or his/her culture, I asked them. My greatest personal growth is undoubtedly my approach to foreigners both abroad and in my country.

I think my time in Beloit was perfect! I enjoyed life both socially and academically. I happened to have a lot of amazing professors and friends. Don't be shy and have no fear! I remember how afraid I was of what others would think about my language skills, my thoughts, my culture... But everyone is just so friendly in Beloit that you can get help whenever you need it.