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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - for Exchange Students

Many answers to your questions are available in the International Student Handbook.

How much money will I need in Beloit?
Exchange students will not have many expenses. Students report spending approximately $75 per month on books, travel and miscellaneous expenses.

Do I need health insurance?
Exchange students MUST be covered by health insurance. Exchange students from Reciprocal Exchanges must purchase Beloit SAS health insurance. ISEP exchange students must purchase insurance from ISEP and will not be required to have Beloit SAS insurance.

Can I work on campus?
Exchange students may work on campus up to 20 hours per week, in compliance with their J-1 visas.

What courses should I take?
Students may sign up for any course, regardless of their area of specialization or major. However, you must meet the requisites for the courses you select. See the course catalogue for prerequisites. See the Course Selection Procedures for more information.

What is the difference between a "course" and a "class"?
A course is a focused study of one subject that lasts one semester and may meet for two to four hours per week (example: Introduction to Business Finance). A class is one meeting of a course (example: Monday, 9:00 - 9:50 a.m.).

What is a "unit"?
A unit is equivalent to 4 semester hours of credit in the U.S. system. Most Beloit courses are worth 1 unit each. Students usually take 4 units of credit each semester.

What is a "module"?
A module is a course period that lasts half of a semester. A "modular course" may meet two to fours hours per week and would be worth .25 - .5 units.

What is a "major"?
A student's major is his or her area of specialization (example: International Relations).

Do I have to attend class every day?
Attendance at classes is required and is considered an essential component for each course. Failure to attend classes may affect the final grade, depending on the policy of the instructor for each course.

What is FYI?
FYI stands for "First Year Initiative" and is a seminar course for new, degree-seeking students. Exchange students do not take this course, but they do participate in an abbreviated seminar on similar topics as part of orientation.