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Enrollment Packet

Other information and required forms:
Beloit College will send an “enrollment packet” to the student, in care of the home university exchange program director.  The packet will include a letter of invitation to study at Beloit College, immigration documents, and health forms.

Complete the health forms, which include a medical history, immunization records, physical examination form to be completed by a physician, and a permission for treatment.  These forms may be returned by mail or the student may hand carry the documents and present them upon arrival at Beloit College…but they MUST be completed in full and submitted to the Health Center in Beloit prior to registration for classes.

Beloit will send helpful travel information to the student by email.

You may review the orientation schedule at:


Submit application and all other materials to:

Admissions Office
Beloit College
700 College Street
Beloit, WI 5351
Fax: 608-363-2717 (Attn: Barbara Seymour)
Email: Barbara Seymour (