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Procedures for Exchange Students who must have their Beloit College courses pre-approved by their home institution

  1. To view available courses, go to the course schedule in the Portal. Note: The schedule for the following semester always becomes available on the web at the beginning of advising week, which is at the end of March or beginning of April for the fall semester, and at the end of October or beginning of November for the spring semester. Exact dates can be found on the academic calendar web page:
  2. Students should select a minimum of 10 courses (ideally, more than 10) for pre-approval by their program advisor/academic advisor or whoever is responsible for approving courses.
    Note: Students must take into consideration whether they have the pre-requisites for the courses they select.
    Note: The more courses students have pre-approved, the easier it will be to devise a satisfactory schedule, allowing for full or canceled classes, class time changes, etc.
  3. Fall semester exchange students will attend Exchange Student Orientation and the Exchange Seminar during New Student Days:
    • Students must bring their list of pre-approved courses with them.
    • Students will discuss their schedule with the Exchange Seminar leader, who will continue as their academic advisor throughout the semester(s).
    • Students will attend a meeting with representatives from most academic departments, where they can discuss their course selections.
    • In consultation with their advisor, students will register for between 3 units and 4.75 units of credit (3 units is the minimum for full-time status; 4.75 is the maximum number of units a student may take his/her first semester at Beloit College.)
  4. Exchange students should be in email contact with their home institution program/academic advisor in case there are questions about appropriate courses and later to confirm the courses in which they enroll.