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Application Check List - Reciprocal Exchange Students

Beloit College Exchange Student Application/Enrollment Instructions & Check List

Note: The “check box” symbol ( ) appears next to items that the applicant is required to submit.
As an organizational tool, mark each of these boxes with a check mark when the item has been submitted.

You are nominated by your home institution. Once you are nominated, your International Office will give you the application form to submit to Beloit College.  ISEP students will receive this packet via mail.

Application Deadlines:                       
Fall semester or full academic year enrollment – April 15
Spring semester enrollment – November 15

An application will be considered complete upon receipt of all of the following items:

Exchange Student Application for Admission (including:   TOEFL/IELTS score or home university certification of language proficiency and  essay)  

Academic transcript from home university

A bank verification form; documentation that the student is able to fund the portion of expenses not covered by the exchange program.

  Exchange Student Reply Form

The residence hall agreement and placement questionnaire, available online at & (Please return by mail, email, or fax at the time of application.)


Submit application and all other materials to:

Admissions Office
Beloit College
700 College Street
Beloit, WI 5351
Fax: 608-363-2717 (Attn: Barbara Seymour)
Email: Barbara Seymour (

Upon receipt of the Exchange Student Reply Form, Beloit College will issue the DS-2019 necessary to obtain the J-1Visa.
The DS-2019 will be mailed to the student in care of the home university program director.