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ESL Introduction

The English as a Second Language program at Beloit College is designed to provide international degree-seeking and exchange students with a space to explore the American academic system, to participate in a liberal arts education, and to learn more about American cultures and cross-cultural theories while strengthening their English language skills.

Christina Eddington is Beloit's ESL instructor. Her office is located in the International House, 717 Chapin Street.

Why should I take ESL courses?

ESL courses are designed to assist students not only with their English skills but also with the transition to living in the United States and studying at Beloit College.  In ESL courses, you will have the opportunity to examine the experiences you are having within other classes, the American academic system, the concept of a liberal arts education, American cultures, cross-cultural theories, and academic coursework while strengthening your English language skills.  These courses have significantly helped our international and exchange students succeed in their other academic courses

Who takes ESL courses?

International degree-seeking and exchange students are eligible and encouraged to enroll in ESL courses.  Students will be assessed upon arrival at Beloit College to determine if ESL courses will benefit them.  Please see ESL assessment for further information on English language testing.

What if I do not take an ESL course? Who can I contact for help with English?

If you do not take an ESL course, please watch this website for updates on workshops that will focus on topics related to being an international student in the US and on the English language.  These workshops will be held on campus.

Also, please see On Campus Resources for other English language related resources.

Do ESL courses count for credit towards graduation?

Yes they do!  ESL courses fall under Arts and Humanities and up to 2 units of ESL can count toward graduation requirements.

If you have any questions regarding ESL at Beloit, please contact Christina Eddington by telephone 608-363-2275 or email.