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Faculty Development

Cuba Faculty Visit 

Faculty members play a key role in shaping Beloit College’s program of international education. Their involvement begins with their teaching, scholarship, and advising, and is encouraged through a number of opportunities facilitated by the Office of International Education:

  • service on the Committee on International Education and the Selection Committee for Domestic Off-Campus Study
  • attendance at briefings on international education
  • participation in reading groups and seminars
  • visits to study abroad sites,and
  • curriculum and program development.

The opportunities described on these pages have been supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Freeman Foundation, the Weissberg Foundation, individual donors, and internal sources. As well, support has come from study abroad providers and the Fulbright Program.

2013/14 Opportunities

Advisor Briefings:  September 3, 4, 5.  One-hour sessions over the noon hour; lunch provided.  To register:  write or call ext. 2270.

Contemporary Cuba:  Human Rights, U.S.-Cuba Relations and Exchange, and Beyond.  This seminar will further the goals of the Caribbean Initiative to expand faculty members’ capacity to teach about the Caribbean.  Participants will travel to Cuba in January 2013.  Note:  Applications are no longer being accepted for this seminar.

Cities in Transition: Faculty members involved in the Cities in Transition program will meet in the fall semester to discuss assignments developed for their courses and to assess student work.

Study Abroad Integration:  Faculty members engaged with integrating study abroad into students education through teaching and advising will meet in the spring semester to present and discuss examples of this work.

Faculty traveling abroad should consult the Faculty Travel Checklist. 









2012/13 Faculty Development

May 2013 workshop to use teaching and advising to help students integrate their study abroad into their on-going studies and personal development.  18 participants. (funding from Labs Across the Curriculum)

Caribbean Initiative (funding from Labs Across the Curriculum)

  • workshops, public presentation, and class visits by Amina Meeks, Jamaican story teller
  • class visits and public lecture by anthropologist Kaifa Roland, author of Cuban Color in Tourism and La Lucha:  An Ethnography of Racial Meaning
  • tour of the Haitian art collection, Milwaukee Museum of Art

Study Abroad Site visits

  • Copenhagen:  DIS (Danish International Studies) and the University of Copenhagen:  Suzanne Cox (Psychology, Health and Society), Jennifer Droege (LAPC), Katie Johnson (Biology, Health and Society), and Tim Schmiechen (Athletics) (funding from the Presidential Initiatives)

CIEE International Faculty Development Seminar

  • Natalie Gummer (Religious Studies), 21st-Century Megacities and Villages, India (funding from the Weissberg Human Rights Program)

Individual Grants for Curriculum Development

  • Chris Johnson (Dance), to develop a dance focused on social justice and to travel to Prague where the piece will be performed by Beloit College students in the New Prague Dance Festival (funding from the Weissberg Program in Human Rights)
  • Chris Johnson (Dance) and John Kaufman (Theater), to travel with two students to Jamaica to develop a field school in the arts (funding from the Presidential Initiatives)
  • Rob LaFleur (History), to travel to southwestern China to develop a course on (East) Asian Ethnicities (funding from the Freeman Asian Studies Initiative)
  • Kate Linnenberg (Sociology), to access University of Michigan Online China Database to help students investigate the impacts of China's one-child policy in a course on Global Family Issues (Freeman Asian Studies Initiative)
  • Debra Majeed (Religious Studies), to travel to Hong Kong to conduct research and develop a course on Islam in Hong Kong
  • Bill New (Education and Youth Studies), to travel to Slovakia and Czech Republic to develop a course on Roma Children's Rights (funding from the Freeman Asian Studies Initiative and the Weissberg Human Rights Program)
  • Diep Phan (Economics), Rachel Ellett (International Relations), and Chris Fink (Creative Writing) to travel to Vietnam to develop case studies on land tenure and land conflict for courses in economics and international relations (Weissberg Human Rights)
  • John Rapp (Political Science), to travel to Hong Kong to develop possibilities for teaching collaborations with faculty members at Lingnan University and to conduct research for a biography of Rev. Issachar J. Roberts (Freeman Asian Studies)


2) individual and joint activities that will enable faculty members to strengthen teaching and learning about Asia and/or human rights.  Priorities for include providing opportunities for students to practice the liberal arts and prepare for capstone work.  Funded activities must be completed by August 15, 2013.  The links in this announcement will take you to information about priority areas, application dates, and an application form.  Deadlines:  September 1, October 1, November 1, February 1, April 15.


2011/12 Faculty Development


  • Asian Studies Teaching Colloquium.Transnational Asia:  Borrowing and Trading
  • Silk Road seminar with visit to Uzbekistan
  • "Russia after the Collapse of Communism:  Prospects for Liberalization".

Caribbean Initiative:

  • Visit to the Newberry Library's Caribbean Map Collection
  • Caribbean Film series
  • Workshop on Caribbean Studies
  • visit to the Chicago's Puerto Rican community

CIEE Faculty Development Seminars:

  • Natasa Basic (French), French Notions of Disability and Difference
  • Beth Dougherty (International Relations), Ruin and Revival:  History, Modern Memory, and Identity

Study Abroad Site visits: 

  • Arcadia University programs in Barcelona, Syracuse, and Athens. Lisl Walsh (Classics),
  • IES Delhi Program familiarization visit. Rachel Ellett (Political Science),
  • IES Buenos Aires familiarization visit. Sylvia Lopez (Spanish) 
  • AMIDEAST Rabat, Al-Akhawayn University.  Kristin Bonnie (Psychology), Ellen Joyce (History), Debra Majeed (Religious Studies), Elizabeth Brewer (International Education)

2010/11 Faculty Development Activities

Workshops and Seminars

CIEE International Faculty Development Seminars:  Gabriela Cerghedean (Spanish), Ellen Joyce (History), Debra Majeed (Religious Studies), and Amy Tibbitts (Spanish), Spain and Morocco

Study Abroad Site Visits:

  • Swedish ISEP universities:  Josh Moore (International Education)
  • French ISEP universities:  Scott Lyngaas (French)

2009/10 Faculty International Engagement
Study Abroad site visits:

  • IES London and Berlin, Amy Saar (Spanish)
  • Akita International University, Japan:  Akiko Ogino (Japanese), Pablo Toral (International Relations), Elizabeth Brewer (International Education)
  • Lingnan Univerisity, Debra Majeed (Religious Studies) to conduct research on the relationship between spirituality and sexuality among Lingnan University students
  • DIS, Kristin Bonnie (Psychology)

CIEE Faculty Development Seminars:  Paul Stanley (Physics), Silk Road


  • Colloquium, Bringing Asian Arts and Material Culture into the Undergraduate Curriculum
  • Conference, Integrating Study Abroad into the Undergraduate Curriculum: Transforming On-Campus Teaching and Learning. 
  • Istanbul in Transition with visit to Yeditepe University, Istanbul. Beth Dougherty (Seminar Facilitator, International Relations), Shawn Gillen (English), Chuck Lewis (English and Writing Program), Kate Linnenberg (Sociology), Debra Majeed (Religious Studies), Donna Oliver (Russian), Amy Sarno (Theater), and Elizabeth Brewer (International Education)
  • Health and Science in China with visit to Kunming, China (March-May) Participants: Marion Fass (Biology), Yaffa Grossman (Biology), Tamara Ketabgian (English), Nancy Krusko (Anthropology), Warren Palmer (Economics), Diep Phan (Economics), Pablo Toral (International Relations), Daniel Youd (Seminar Facilitator, Chinese), and Elizabeth Brewer (International Education)
  • Teaching Workshop, Global Health and the Liberal Arts Curriculum

2008/09 Faculty Development

Study Abroad Site Visits

  • Doshisha University and Nanzan University, Scott Lineberger (Japanese) and Josh Moore (International Education)
  • Kobe University (Scott Lineberger)
  • Beloit Senegal Program, Scott Lyngaas (French) and Elizabeth Brewer (International Education).  Marion Fass (Biology) made a separate visit.
  • Yeditepe University - to establish a new partnership, Beth Dougherty (International Relations), Elizabeth Brewer (International Education)
  • Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador. Sylvia Lopez and Amy Saar (Spanish)


  • Japanese Art and Material Culture. Seminar with a visit to the Kansai region of Japan. Participants: Fran Abbate (English), Joy Beckman (Art History), Jennifer Esperanza (Anthropology), Scott Espeseth (Studio Art), Scott Lineberger (Japanese), Josh Moore (International Education), Pablo Toral (International Relations).
  • Human Rights and Transitional Justice in South Africa. Seminar with visit to Cape Town, South Africa Participants: Lisa Anderson-Levy (Anthropology), Elizabeth Brewer (International Education), Beth Dougherty and Rachel Ellett (both from Political Science), Heath Massey and Matt Tedesco (both from Philosophy), and Beatrice McKenzie (History). Sandile Nukuna '07 served as one of the group's guides.

Integrating Study Abroad into the Curriculum: Theory and Practice Across the Curriculum (Stylus Press, 2010). Chapters by  Marion Fass (Biology), Darren Kelly (Fulbright Scholar in Residence), Nancy Krusko (Anthropology), Daniel Youd (Chinese), and Elizabeth Brewer (International Education)

2007/08 Faculty International Engagement

Study Abroad Site Visits:

  • Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow. Joy Beckman (Art History and Wright Museum of Art), Elizabeth Brewer (International Education), Olga Ogurtsova (Russian) and Donna Oliver (Russian).
  • Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador. Elizabeth Brewer and Josh Moore (International Education), Yaffa Grossman (Biology), Darren Kelly (Fulbright Scholar), Nancy Krusko (Anthropology), Sylvia Lopez (Spanish), Pablo Toral (International Relations), and Ken Yasukawa (Biology).  Ken also visited the USFQ GAIAS program in the Galapagos.

CIEE Faculty Development Seminar in Botswana, Beth Dougherty (International Relations).


  • Cities in Transition: Ann Davies (Political Science), Marion Fass (Biology), Yaffa Grossman (Biology), Natalie Gummer (Religious Studies), Nancy Krusko (Anthropology), Diane Lichtenstein (English), Sylvia Lopez (Spanish), Carol Mankiewicz (Biology and Geology), Ed Mathieu (History), Donna Oliver (Russian), Carol Wickersham (Sociology), and Daniel Youd (Chinese). Seminar facilitator: Darren Kelly (Fulbright Scholar in Residence). Seminar coordinator: Elizabeth Brewer (International Education)
  • “Integrating Study Abroad and the Undergraduate Curriculum,” ACE Internationalization Collaborative annual meeting (February 1). Presenters: Elizabeth Brewer (workshop chair, International Education), Scott Lyngaas (Modern Languages and Literatures) and Ed Mathieu (History).
  • Cities in Transition Curriculum Development Workshop. Facilitators: Darren Kelly (Fulbright Scholar in Residence), Amy Sarno (Theater), and Martyn Smith Participants: Marion Fass (Biology), Natalie Gummer (Religious Studies), Ellen Joyce (History), Nancy Krusko (Anthropology), Sylvia Lopez (Spanish), Donna Oliver (Russian), Pablo Toral (International Relations) and Larry White (Psychology). Participants from partner organizations were: from the Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Belen Norona; from ACI/Baobab Center (Senegal), Fatim Dia and Ibou Diallo; from the Russian State University for the Humanities, Marina Dobrovolskaya; and from Arcadia University’s program in Athens, Jan Sanders ’77. Workshop coordinator: Elizabeth Brewer (International Education. Assistants: Josh Moore and Harmony Chaikin (International Education).

2006/07 Faculty International Engagement

Study Abroad Site Visits

  • Henan University (Kaifeng) and Shandong University (Jinan).  Joy Beckman (Art, Wright Museum of Art), Elizabeth Brewer (International Education), Natalie Gummer (Religious Studies), Judy Newland (Museum Studies, Wright Museum of Art), Donna Oliver and Shin Yong Robson (both in Modern Languages and Literatures), Daniel Youd (Chinese, Jinan only)
  • DIS. Elizabeth Brewer (International Education), Marion Fass (Biology, Health Care Studies), Mark Klassen (Art), Kate Linnenberg (Sociology) and Pablo Toral (International Relations).
  • Henan University and Shandong University.  JohnBurris (President), Lynn Franken (Vice President for Academic Affairs), Jie Fu ’10, Warren Palmer (Economics), John Rapp (Political Science), Daniel Youd (Chinese) , and Elizabeth Brewer (International Education)
  • Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador.  Marion Fass (Biology).


  • CIEE Cambodia and Vietnam Faculty Development Seminar (July). Beth Dougherty (International Relations)
  • IES Seminar, Internationalizing Environmental Studies, Adelaide University, Australia (July). Georgia Duerst-Lahti (Political Science)
  • SIT Seminar, “Mekong Delta: Natural and Cultural Ecology,” Vietnam. Carol Mankiewicz (Geology)

2005/06 Faculty Development


  • Cities in Transition Workshop, Beloit.  Facilitators: Darren Kelly (IES Dublin) and Daniel Youd (Chinese). Coordinator: Elizabeth Brewer (International Education). Participants: Lillian Baer (Baobab Center, Senegal), Sonja Darlington (Education), Suzanne Eckhardt (ESL), Scott Lyngaas (French), Josh Moore (Baobab Center, Senegal), Donna Oliver (Russian), Catherine Orr (Women’s and Gender Studies), Margaret Rennerfeldt (Dance), Guadalupe Uquillas (Resident Director, Beloit Ecuador Program), and Carsey Yee (Shanghai course instructor, fall 2005).
  • Moscow in Transition Seminar, March-May with visit to Moscow. Participants: Elizabeth Brewer (International Education), Marion Fass (Biology), Eszter Kato (Eötvös Kollegium, Budapest), Darren Kelly (Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence), Nancy Krusko (Anthropology), Chuck Lewis (English), Ed Mathieu (History), Olga Ogurtsova (Russian), Donna Oliver (Russian), Charles Westerberg (Sociology), and Daniel Youd (Chinese)

Study Abroad Site Visits

  • Universidad San Francisco de Quito with dance workshop.  Elizabeth Brewer (International Education) and Margaret Rennerfeldt (Dance)
  • Beloit Senegal Program. Beth Dougherty (International Relations) and Scott Lyngaas (French)
  • IES Spain Programs:  Ellen Joyce (History)
  • IES Amsterdam and Berlin Programs:  Mark Klassen (Art)
  • Jószef Eötvös Kollegium, Budapest, Hungary. Andras Boros-Kazai (International Relations), Mary Boros-Kazai (Registrar), Elizabeth Brewer (International Education), Ed Mathieu (History), Donna Oliver (Russian), and John Rapp (Political Science)