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The Asian Studies Initiative

The Asian Studies Initiative at Beloit College began in 2002 with a grant from the Freeman Foundation to integrate teaching about Asia into undergraduate education.  The College's effectiveness in fulfilling grant objections led to a second grant from the Foundation in 2007/08 with a matching grant coming from the bequest of Beloit College life trustee William Keefer.

Over the course of the initiative, faculty members in Asian Studies have created dozens of new courses. As significantly, faculty outside of Asian Studies have incorporated Asia into their teaching, truly making Asia a part of the wider college curriculum. 

Perhaps the most significant achievement under the initiative, however, does not lie in the numbers of courses or course units created, but capacity building.  That is, building capacity at the institutional level to build partnerships with Asian institutions based on mutual trust and collaboration, capacity among the faculty to understand and teach about aspects of Asia, and capacity among students to not only begin to understand Asia but to engage with it in meaningful ways.

As we look forward to academic year 2012/13 and beyond, we hope to build well on the lessons from our 10 year engagement with the initiative to continue to find creative and productive ways to further teaching and learning about and from Asia.

2012/13 Call for Curriculum Development Applications.  Applications are welcome for activities that will enable faculty members to strengthen and expand teaching about Asia across the curriculum. All activities must be completed by August 15, 2013.  The links in this announcement will take you to information about priority areas, application dates, and an application form.

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For more information on Asian Studies at Beloit College, please see the Asian Studies minor