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Arrival Instructions for New International Students

This page contains instructions how to get to Beloit's campus for orientation.  Different students have different plans, so we have included three (3) different sets of instructions. After reading the general instructions, please proceed to the specific instructions that are most relevant to your arrival.

General Information

When to Arrive

International Student Arrival Day for Fall 2019 is August 15, 2019. You may arrive at any time on August 15 but if you have a choice, we recommend arriving earlier in the day.

Where to Arrive

Airport: The recommended arrival airport is Chicago O'Hare (ORD). A recent graduate of Beloit College created a set of instructions for navigating the Chicago O'Hare airport specifically for international students. You can find these on his O'Hare arrival website.

Campus: The campus check-in point will be the Atrium in the Sanger Science Center.

Before you Leave Home

  1. Write down the following contact information:
    • 608-363-2269 (Beloit College Office of International Education)
    • 608-313-4035 (The orientation cell phone number)
    • 608-363-2355 (Beloit College Security—answered 24 hours/day)
    • (Shannon's email address)
  2. Print out a copy of the instructions for navigating O'Hare or save them to your phone so that you can see them on the day you arrive.
  3. Submit your travel plans. If you submitted your arrival information through the Portal and received an email back from, then we have received them. If you have not submitted your plans through the Portal, then please do so as soon as you can.


  1. Flying into Chicago O'Hare International Airport on the Designated Arrival Day
  2. Arriving in Chicago early and staying on your own until the Designated Arrival Day
  3. Coming to Beloit College on your own

Arrival Instructions 1: Traveling from O'Hare Airport to South Beloit on Arrival Day

  • From O'Hare Airport, you will take a the Van Galder/Coach USA bus to South Beloit,Illinois (IL). The schedule from O'Hare to South Beloit is available at the Van Galder/Coach USA website.
  • There are two departure points for the bus to South Beloit:
    • International Flights arrive at Terminal 5. You will catch the bus to South Beloit outside of door 5E.
    • Domestic Flights arrive at Terminals 1, 2 and 3. You will catch the bus to South Beloit at the Bus/Shuttle Center outside Door 3.
  • If you have questions about where to go, look for an airport information booth to request assistance.
  • If possible, upon boarding the bus, please call or text 608-313-4035 or email This will help us to know which bus you are on so that we can meet you at the South Beloit bus stop.
  • Tickets may be purchased on the bus, at the ticket counter in the Bus/Shuttle Center, or online. The cost of the bus ticket is $28.50 (if purchased online) or $30.00 (if purchased in person).
  • When you arrive in South Beloit, a van from Beloit College will meet you and take you to the College.

Arrival Instructions 2: Arriving in Chicago before the designated arrival day, Staying on your own

  • If you are arriving in Chicago before the designated arrival day but staying on your own, you have two options to get to the bus to South Beloit:
    1. Return to O'Hare Airport and take the Van Galder/Coach USA bus to South Beloit with the other students. You can have your hotel shuttle or taxi drop you off at the Bus/Shuttle Center or at Terminal 5. Most students find that it is easiest to go to the Bus/Shuttle Center.  
    2. From Downtown Chicago, the Van Galder/Coach USA bus departs from Chicago Union Station/ Amtrak Station. You can find the schedule at the Van Galder/Coach USA website. If you plan to take this bus, please notify us ahead of time as the arrival times to South Beloit are different.
  • The Orientation Team will pick you up in South Beloit in the same way described in Instructions 1.
  • The cost of the bus ticket is $28.50 (if purchased online) or $30.00 (if purchased on the bus). With either option, we highly recommend that you select a morning departure time from Chicago so that you have time during the afternoon to get settled into your residence hall room.

Arrival Instructions 3: Arriving in Beloit on your Own

  • Check-in for International Student Orientation will be at the Office of International Education (717 Chapin Street).
  • If coming to the college by car, follow the driving instructions on the web page for visiting Beloit College. The Sanger Science Center is located at the intersection of College Street and Emerson Street.
  • If you are staying in a hotel in Beloit until Arrival Day, and will need a ride to campus please email ahead of time to schedule a time to be picked up from your hotel.