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Writing Center

Peer tutors at Beloit’s Writing Center provide you with a supportive and collaborative opportunity to improve your writing.

For Fall 2021, we will be conducting tutoring sessions for all students with two options: You can either work with a tutor in person at the Writing Center (635 College—brick house across the street from WAC) or remotely via Google Meet.

Schedule your session here: Writing Center Appointments. When you use this link, you will find directions for both in-person and online session options.

Beloit's Writing Center is in a cool old building, complete with its own bathtub.

The ability to write effectively is essential to a liberal arts education because writing helps us to learn, to express ourselves, and to communicate with others. The writing program’s mission is to help students learn to write for varied audiences and purposes, as well as to integrate writing into student learning in all disciplines. Our writing center is here to support the learning of all student writers. We can help with every aspect of any assignment or project that involves writing.

How Can We Help?

  • You don’t even need to have any writing done yet—we can help you to understand an assignment, discuss any related reading, generate ideas, and make a plan.
  • We show you ways to rework your ideas in a written draft—we can talk about focus, organization, development, and other elements of effective writing.
  • We can help you engage with the work of other writers, such as sharing tips about how to conduct research and use sources in your writing.
  • We help you with the mechanics of writing, from grammar and punctuation to citation format. We don’t just fix your sentences—we work with you to explain how to make them better.
  • We’ll invite you to come back and make collaborative learning a regular part of your writing practice.

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