Program Services

Academic Development and Tutoring

Upward Bound works to provide program participants with the support they need to be successful academically. Tutoring is provided throughout the academic year at local high schools and at Beloit College and participants receive a stipend for attending. In additon, required monthly workshops are held to enrich their academic experiences. These workshops range, from topics enhancing their core subjects at school, to a variety of engaging cultural events.

Cultural Events

Upward Bound strives to offer students a variety of cultural activities to attend. Cultural enrichment allows students to learn through different perspectives and through different media. Art, dance, theater, music, science and technology events, help expand and open students’ horizons, so that they have a new and different appreciation for the world around them.

Academic Advising

Prior to each academic year, students’ schedules are analyzed to ensure courses taken meet or exceed all college admission requirements upon high school graduation. Academic advising is also available to participants throughout the year to assess and align the direction of their courses to fulfill the high standards of college admission criteria.

Summer Programs

Students are required to attend Upward Bound’s six-week residential summer program located on the Beloit College campus. The program is designed to give students a feel for what it is like to live and attend classes on the campus. Aside from academic reinforcement of core classes, students also have the opportunity to explore subjects outside of high school offeriings. Also, integrated into the summer program, are a variety of cultural, career, and team building activites.

During the residential program, students meeting all requirements have an opportunity to participate in Upward Bound’s summer trip. This trip is the culmination of the summer program. Students who qualify have the option to tour colleges and experience activities outside of the Wisconsin/Illinois area.

Leadership Opportunities

Upward Bound provides its students with opportunities to display and develop their leadership skills. Through the Student Leadership Council (SLC), research projects, and a senior capstone project, students work with, discuss, give guidance and assess each others’ progress and work. This process allows students the ability to cultivate and sharpen their leadership skills while working with and being assesed by their peers.

Community Service Projects

Upward Bound works with various community organizations throughout the Beloit area. Upward Bound believes community service is an important aspect of becoming a well-rounded community member while instilling a sense of pride and commitment to the community in which students live.

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