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Weissberg Chair

This year’s Weissberg Chair programming is focused on Citizenship, Migration & Belonging.

Current Chair

Jason de León, Weissberg Chair for 2021-22

Jason De León


Executive Director of the Undocumented Migration Project that studies the realities of clandestine migration between Latin America and the United States.



“Stateless” Film Screening, with Michèle Stephenson, director

Director Michèle Stephenson will present and discuss her new documentary which follows families of those affected by the 2013 legislation stripping citizenship from Dominicans of Haitian descent, uncovering the complex history and present-day politics of Haiti and the Dominican Republic through the grassroots electoral campaign of a young attorney named Rosa Iris.


“Myanmar’s Killing Fields,” Film screening

In an in depth look at the issue of statelessness, secret footage and eyewitness accounts shine new light on a brutal campaign by the Myanmar military against Rohingya Muslims — an effort that has been described by both the United Nations and the United States as “ethnic cleansing.”


Statelessness and Violence: The Rohingya in Bangladesh

This panel discussion will look at the precarious plight of stateless Rohingya people, displaced from Myanmar, living in Bangladesh.


Ivan Stone Lecture: Statelessness and Inclusion - Amal de Chickera

What does it mean to be “Stateless?” A person who is stateless has been denied the right to nationality and citizenship.


The Rights of the Undocumented - Weissberg Chair Residency with Jason De León

The Weissberg Residency will focus on the Rights of the Undocumented, with Weissberg Chair Jason De León.


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