Student Opportunities

Summer Grants

The purpose of these grants is to help to connect students academic studies with real world experiences in the field of human rights so that Beloit College students can incorporate human rights awareness and action into their studies and career plans. These grants are meant to defray travel and living expenses required to undertake internships and research over winter and summer breaks, and to attend professional conferences with Beloit College faculty. Recipients are asked to share their experiences with the campus community in a public forum. Apply using the Common Grant here. 

Spring Break Immersion Experiences

These short, immersive experiences allow students to delve deeper into a topic they are passionate about, increasing their understanding of how that topic plays out in real life. Not only are these trips a highly impact educational experience, they also help students network with organizations that enhance their career development and prospects.

SHE-CAN Scholars

SHE-CAN scholars are supported by the Weissberg Program and by the SHE-CAN organization, whose mission it is to support female leadership in post-conflict countries. Scholars recruited by the SHE-CAN organization enrich the student body with their academic rigor, aspirations of long term impact in their home countries and provide perspectives from post-conflict political and social environments.

Fellowships for Recent Graduates

These awards grant funding to graduates to help them bridge the gap between graduation and working in the fields of human rights and social justice. The award averages $3,000 per student, depending on the projects proposed by recipients. Supporting students to make the leap beyond graduation into meaningful careers that have an impact on the world is a distinctive and important aspect of the Weissberg Program. Application instructions are shared through email to students and faculty each Spring. 

Study Abroad Scholarships

Supports students with tuition during a semester abroad. The scholarship also provides funds to support travel expenses that often pose a barrier to student participation, ensuring equitable access regardless of economic circumstances. The scholarship is awarded to students based on their interest in studying issues related to human rights and social justice and their financial need. Students are selected based on need and their academic interests in social justice and human rights. 

Examples of Funded Student Opportunities

Examples can be found in the Weissberg Program Annual Reports.

Equity Training Programs

SafeZone: Safe Zone LGBTQ Training features a 2-hour workshop for faculty and staff to better understand LGBTQ issues, terms, and strategies for supporting LGBTQ people in the campus community.

In collaboration with Black Lives Matter Beloit, multi-session anti-racism educational series are offered to all of the campus community.

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