Annual Reports

The Goals of the Weissberg Program

  1. To cultivate compassion and empathy
  2. To help students pursue critical inquiry into issues of human rights and social justice past and present
  3. To examine systems of power, privilege, and oppression
  4. To develop student awareness of their roles contributing to and overcoming local and global challenges
  5. To connect learning to action, individually and collaboratively

Program Strategies

  1. Engage students through the curriculum, co-curriculum, and programming grants for their own initiatives
  2. Empower faculty and staff to integrate human rights and social justice into the curriculum and co-curriculum through professional development opportunities and programming grants
  3. Inspire members of the campus to understand and promote human rights and social justice through personal contact with those at the forefront of change locally, nationally, and internationally
  4. Draw on a network of alumni and experts to support academic and experiential learning opportunities on the Beloit College campus and beyond

Annual Reports

Weissberg Partnership Team

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