#GetWoke Series

Engaging social justice issues 

The #GetWoke series is focused on bringing national issues/conversations/debates home and contextualizes them in an interactive setting so members of the campus community are educated on, and can engage with, pressing social justice issues. As an office that is committed to recognizing and valuing marginalized approaches to knowledge production and dissemination, the #GetWoke series is our way of bringing the liberal arts into practice.

Fall/Spring 19’-20’ - Climate Justice

The Fall and Spring #GetWoke series highlights current pressing issues surrounding the work of environmental justice and how students can engage in this work to promote equitable global practices. Climate justice is a term used for framing environmental justice as an ethical and political issue. This work is crucial for recognizing that those least responsible for climate change often suffer the worst consequences. Climate change and climate justice, in general, are an equity and human rights issue that must be immediately examined. This year #GetWoke will bring speakers, activists, and artists to speak on the importance of this work, how they use their skills and passions to impact change, and how students can use utilize their interests and assets to promote climate justice.

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