Pedagogy Series

Each semester, OADI staff and affiliated faculty facilitate a reading group designed to advance inclusive learning environments through examination and interrogation of pedagogical practices. The reading groups meet approximately every 2-3 weeks.

Participants begin by sharing their current teaching philosophy and a course syllabus or student-focused project. At subsequent meetings they discuss articles that focus on various aspects of pedagogical practice and thought, equity and inclusion, and intersectional understandings of identity that will be used to help (re)shape teaching philosophies and classroom material. Discussions include reflective case studies of participants’ own work with students.

At the end of the semester participants (re)design their teaching philosophies and propose changes in their practices and syllabi with an articulated focus on equity and inclusion. The Pedagogy Series aims to have faculty and staff learn to see their teaching philosophies and course syllabi as living documents that require constant rethinking and updating as the needs and demographics of our student body changes.

Following their participation in the reading group, faculty are encouraged to participate in a workshop directed toward a complete redesign of a course or the development of a new course that aligns with their renewed teaching philosophy.

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