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Spring 2018

  • Samantha Abrams (International Education)
  • Taylor Ajamian (Sanger Science Center)
  • Maggie Bell (Residential Life)
  • Michelle Bumatay (Modern Languages and Literatures)
  • Sarah Coyer (Residential Life)
  • Paul Dionne (Office of Academic Diversity and Inclusiveness)
  • Melissa Dix (Web Services)
  • Christina Eddington (International Education)
  • Stacey Erdman (Library)
  • Kate Fiffer (Grants and Foundation Relations)
  • Susan Furukawa (Modern Literatures and Languages)
  • Yaffa Grossman (Biology and Liberal Arts in Practice Center)
  • Whitney Helm (Communications and Marketing)
  • Tim Jones (Communications and Marketing)
  • Fran Klaverkamp (Development and Alumni Relations)
  • Sylvia Lopez (Modern Languages and Literatures)
  • Emily McEntee (Admissions)
  • Josh Moore (International Education)
  • Alexandra Trumbull (Admissions)
  • Sarah Tweedale (Office of Inclusive Living and Learning)
  • Lisa Viezbicke (Library)
  • Cecil Youngblood (Office of Inclusive Living and Learning)

Fall 2017

  • Daniel Barolsky (Music)
  • Atiera Coleman (Office of Academic Diversity and Inclusiveness)
  • Suzanne Cox (Psychology)
  • Joy de Leon (Learning Enrichment and Disability Services)
  • Jennifer Esperanza (Anthropology)
  • Katie Johnson (Biology)
  • Sonya Maria Johnson (Religious Studies)
  • Jingjing Lou (Education and Youth Studies)
  • M. Shadee Malaklou (Critical Identity Studies)
  • John McMahon (Political Science)
  • Nicolette Meister (Logan Museum)
  • Edward Muston (Modern Languages and Literatures)
  • William New (Education and Youth Studies)
  • Cristina Parente (Liberal Arts in Practice Center)
  • Jedidiah Rex (Library)
  • Emily Sager (Liberal Arts in Practice Center)
  • Maria Scarpaci (Office of Academic Diversity and Inclusiveness)
  • Kendra Schiffman (Sociology)
  • Robin Zebrowski (Cognitive Science)

Past Cohorts

Spring 2016

  • Rachel Bergstrom (Biology)
  • Kristin Bonnie (Psychology)
  • Shatanjaya Dasgupta (Economics)
  • Ted Gries (Biochemistry)
  • Heath Massey (Philosophy)
  • Erin Munro (Mathematics)
  • Britt Scharringhausen (Physics)
  • Paul Stanley (Physics)
  • Sue Swanson (Geology

Fall 2016

  • Kieran Bezila (Sociology)
  • Amy Briggs (Biology)
  • Lindsay Chapman (Sustainability)
  • Gabriela Cerghedean (Modern Languages and Literatures)
  • Meghan Dowell (Library)
  • Jessica Fox-Wilson (Liberal Arts in Practice Center)
  • Jennifer Gray (Modern Languages and Literatures)
  • Steve Huss-Lederman (Computer Science)
  • John Kaufmann (Theatre, Dance, Media Studies)
  • Kate Linnenberg (Sociology)
  • Kylie Quave (Anthropology)
  • Amy Sarno (Theatre, Dance, Media Studies)
  • Tes Slominski (Music)
  • Amy Tibbits (Modern Languages and Literatures)
  • Jen Walsh (Student Engagement and Leadership)
  • Carol Wickersham (Sociology and Community Based Learning)

Spring 2017

  • Ellenor Anderbyrne (Director of Institutional Research and Planning)
  • Scott Bierman (President)
  • Ryan Bouchard (Senior Associate Dean of Students)
  • Elizabeth Brewer (Director of International Education)
  • Ann Davies (Provost and Dean of the College)
  • Tara Girard (Director of Health and Wellness)
  • Christina Klawitter (Dean of Students)
  • Teresa Leopold (Associate Dean of Students)
  • Heather McLean (Director of Human Resources)
  • Pam McQuesten (Chief Information Officer)
  • Robert Mirabile (Vice President of Enrollment Management)
  • Beth Monteiro (Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations)
  • Lori Rhead (Vice President of Human Resources and Operations)
  • Tim Schmiechen (Director of Athletics and Recreation)
  • Daniel Schooff (Chief of Staff and College Secretary)
  • Ruth Vater (Director of Institutional Research and Planning)
  • Charles Westerberg (Associate Dean and Director of Liberal Arts in Practice Center)
  • John Winkelmann (Associate Dean of Students)

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