Decolonizing Pedagogies

An Andrew Mellon funded project

How do we create inclusive classroom spaces? What does equity look like at Primarily White Institutions (PWIs)? How does one enact institutional transformation so that underserved and underrepresented students, faculty, and staff all feel like they belong within PWIs? These are the questions that guide our thinking for the Decolonizing Pedagogies Project. As Beloit College focuses on inclusive living and learning as an institutional priority and strives to be an anti-racist institution, this Mellon funded project contributes to these initiatives by promoting activities and pedagogies that transform the curriculum, teaching, operations, and culture of an historically white college.

The project adopts a developmental approach that places self-reflection, collaborative intellectual inquiry, and the student experience at the center of curricular design and research. To do this we start at the foundation of liberal arts education - the classroom - and work with faculty and academic staff on (re)thinking how they teach and work with students through a semester-long Pedagogies Series. We then turn to implementation and in-time feedback through curriculum/program development workshops paired with peer coaching to create a culture of shared responsibility and support around equity and inclusion inside and outside the classroom.

Finally, participants have the opportunity to work with a team of students (3-4) and develop research and/or action teams that focus on issues of equity and inclusion pertinent to the Beloit camps and community. The products of research and action will embed long-lasting structural and cultural change.


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