Financial Services

The SEL Program is designed to provide a network of academic, personal, financial, and career services.

The following is a list of some of the financial services available to program participants.

  • Post-Graduate Preparation
  • Career Planning
  • Financial Literacy Education
  • Financial Aid/ FAFSA Preparation Assistance

Grant Aid Scholarships

Eligible students are awarded a financial award/scholarship from the SEL Program. Grants usually range from $500-$1,200 and are distributed during the spring semester.

Eligibility based on class standing, earned number of credits, cumulative GPA, overall financial aid package, and active participation in SEL Program activities and events.

Financial Literacy Workshops and Resources

The SEL Program provides various financial literacy workshops throughout the academic year. Students learn about credit, student loans, budgets, filing for taxes, and other financial issues. SEL students also receive assistance completing their financial aid applications, filing taxes, and post-graduation financial planning.

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