Important Forms for Clubs and Organizations

Financial Forms

Club Printing Form
Clubs or other BSG-funded groups who wish to use club or BSG funding for printing projects are required to use this form for print submission. SEAL will then process the request through Digicopy and charge the appropriate account.

Reimbursement Form
Students who need to be reimbursed for a club or BSG-related purchase are required to submit this form, along with all physical receipts, to SEAL within 3 weeks of the original purchase. Form submitter must be an approved Financial Access person for the appropriate club or group.

Co-Sponsorship Form
Clubs who wish to financially sponsor another group on campus are required to use this form to indicate sponsorship and transfer funding.

Cash Advance Form
Students who prefer to make a purchase using a cash advance are required to submit this form. Form submitter must be an approved Financial Access person for the appropriate club or group.

Funding Board Proposal Form
Students who would like to propose funds from the Beloit Student Government Funding Board should submit this form at least three weeks in advance of the event or funding purpose. The student Funding Board will review the proposal and respond with further direction.

Funding Board Post-Event Form
This form is required for all proposals funded by Funding Board. Failure to do so will affect future funding.

Other Forms

Button Request Form
SEAL will make buttons by request of student groups recognized by Beloit College. See Form for specific guidelines for submission.

Club Registration Form
There are six requirements to continue as a registered club or organization. Complete these requirements before the indicated deadline to avoid club probation.

Contract Worksheet
Any time a person is being paid for professional services (speakers, presenters, performers, etc), a contract needs to be in place. Students may not enter into contractual agreements on behalf of Beloit College or their club. The Director of Student Engagement and Leadership must approve all contracts before an event can be held or payment can be made. In addition, all funding sources need to be in place prior to the submission of the contract worksheet.

A contract worksheet must be completed and submitted to SEAL at least three weeks prior to the program or event to allow time for approval.

Copyright Information for Movie Showings on campus
Students must purchase a license to show movies to their club members or campus community in order to avoid copyright infringements. The price for the license will vary depending on how the movie is going to be used, how many people plan to attend, and whether admission is charged. Please contact the Student Engagement and Leadership office ( for price quotes.

Grade Release Form for Fraternities and Sororities

New Club Proposal Form
Students interested in starting a new club on campus must start by submitting this form. Required elements for any new club include: at least 6 interested students and a club constitution. A sample constitution can be found here.

StuCal Event Submission
Submit your event to the campus StuCal for all students to see!

Social Host Form
All social functions/gatherings occurring in the living areas of campus must be sponsored or hosted by students who take full responsibility for the function. This form should be submitted at least one week prior to the gathering for full consideration.

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