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Phase One: Emerging Leader

Begin to explore the concept of leadership through a workshop and an AMP Course designed to start the conversations about “What is Leadership?”

Welcome to the beginning of your journey!

Phase One: Emerging Leader is where everyone will start on the path towards effective leadership. Typically, first-year and sophomore students will be entering the Emerging Leader phase, though it is never too late to begin learning about leadership!

What are the components of Phase One: Emerging Leader?

There are two main parts to phase one, an Introduction to Leadership Workshop and an Introduction to Leadership Course.

Introduction to Leadership Workshop

There are two main goals for the Introduction to Leadership workshop: begin to discuss various leadership styles and concepts, and provide an overview of the Everyday Leadership program. This workshop is offered a few times each semester, here are some upcoming dates for the workshop:

Introduction to Leadership Course

The Introduction to Leadership Course will be your first look into leadership theories and philosophies. The course will discuss various leadership concepts and you begin to look at your own leadership potential. The first offering for this course is anticipated to be in the Fall of 2021. This course has the potential to serve as a sophomore level AMP course.

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