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Phase Three: Active Leader

Take everything you have learned about leadership and apply it in practical situations.

It’s time to put leadership into action!

After completing Phase One: Emerging Leader and Phase Two: Developing Leader, it is time for the final phase of your journey. Phase three is all about practical application of your leadership skills. 

What are the components of Phase Three: Active Leader?

There are four main parts to phase three: a Leadership Position, a Leadership Experience, a Symposium Presentation, and the electives of Additional Leadership Opportunities

Leadership Position

All students going through the Everyday Leadership program will need to hold some form of a leadership position. This can be on campus or off campus. Students will reflect upon their experience and apply what they have learned to their position(s). The position should be at least one semester in length, and ideally a full year.

The possibilities are endless for what position the student will hold. Some positions could include:

  • Orientation Leader
  • Resident Assistant
  • Athletic Team Captain
  • LEADS Learning Assistant
  • President of a Club
  • Beloit Student Government Executive Board Member

Leadership Experience

Different to the Leadership Position students will hold for a prolonged period of time, all students in the program will also need to complete a short, immersive leadership experience as well. Students will reflect upon their experience and apply what they have learned to their position(s).

The are many possibilities for an experience. Some could include:

  • The sophomore retreat
  • Student Leadership Retreat (potential event)
  • Service Trip

Symposium Presentation

At the conclusion of the Everyday Leadership program, students will present on Symposium day about their experience. This will usually be juniors or seniors who have completed every other requirement of the Everyday Leadership program.

Additional Leadership Opportunities

Beloit College is full of opportunities to enhance your leadership! Visit the Additional Opportunities page to find out more.

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