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The mission of Beloit Student Government (BSG) is to listen to and advocate for the student body in partnership with the administration, to promote inclusivity and diversity on campus, and to support students in their academic, co-curricular, and residential lives. Members of BSG commit to acting with respect and concern for all of their fellow students and to fulfilling the responsibilities of their position to the fullest of their abilities.

Statement of Culture and Behavioral Expectations 

During the summer of 2022, the Beloit Student Government led the most recent initiative to rewrite our Statement of Culture. You can find the updated statement here:

Bylaws and Documents

During Spring 2024, the BSG Executive Boar reviewed and edited the BSG ByLaws. The Bylaws was approved by a majority vote in the BSG TownHall on March 26, 2024. You can find the updates BSG Bylaws and Funding Board Bylaws here:

Exec Board

Camille Ledoux

Camille Ledoux

Class of 2025

Julie Bach

Julie Bach

Funding Board Director
Class of 2026

Jasmin is a student-athlete studying Business Economics and International Relations, with a minor in Chinese. She is also a McNair Scholar, whose research interests lie in health economics, public policy, and human rights advocacy. She is an active member of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and on the executive board of Black Students United. As the current Club and Oversight Director (COO), she has been a part of the COO ongoing three years as a COO Representative. Her plans as COO director encompass clubs and organizations getting more involved with the campus community and utilizing the resources they have access to. After graduating from Beloit College, she intends to attend graduate school and pursue a career in health advocacy and business consulting. 

Jasmin Bowers

COO Director
Class of 2025

Momina Amjad

Momina Amjad

Vice President
Class of 2026

Sristi Sejuti Halder

Sristi Sejuti Halder

Communications Director
Class of 2026

Funding Board Members

Communications Team Members

BSG Executive Positions:

  • President handles external matters of BSG and regularly meets with necessary faculty and staff of Beloit College.
  • Vice President handles internal matters of BSG and oversees the subcommittees of BSG.
  • Funding Board Director guides and organizes the Funding Board by managing proposal applications and contacting presenters. The director is responsible to give updates to the Executive Board on the allocation and usage of distributed funds.
  • Communications Director is responsible for creating a platform to understand the work of the Student Government and help bridge the gaps within College resources and access through relevant platforms. They lead the Communications Team and the External Communications Team (team responsible for handling internal student complaints). 
  • COO Director oversees the applications for New Clubs, and bring them before the COO Assembly. The director is responsible to work with SEAL to ensure clubs are hosting suitable amounts and quality of programming.The Director also oversees the Club Annual Budget submission every Spring Semester which is created before Spring Break and meets after Spring Break.
  • Funding Board Members are appointed by the Funding Board Director to help review and vote on Funding Board proposals.
  • Communications Team Members are appointed by the Communications Director to work in editorial, graphic design, social media and external communications.
  • The BSG Advisor will oversee the election process and calculate the results and provide guidance to BSG Executives.
  • Elections: At least 25% of the student body must vote in any all-campus election. If this quorum is not reached, a day extension will occur, during which all standard publication must be repeated, this will be repeated daily until quorum is reached. If 25% is still not reached after 5 daily extensions, this quorum is automatically waived.

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