Campus & City Parking

We have multiple parking areas on campus for students, other parking areas that are open to everyone and some that are no overnight parking allowed. Please contact Security 608-363-2355 if you need assistance locating the appropriate parking lots, or if you have any questions. 

Campus Parking

Parking Permits

Students, faculty and staff who drive and/or park on campus are required to register their vehicles with the Security Department and to display their parking permit as directed.

Campus Parking Regulations

Parking in fire lanes, anywhere the curbs are painted yellow, or in areas designated as “No Parking” by signs is prohibited.

Campus Parking Map

You can find a map of the campus with designated parking spots by clicking on the link above or on the sidebar of this page.

- Student Permit marked areas requires a Student or Faculty/Staff sticker clearly displayed unless the stall is reserved/handicap.

- Public/Private areas can be used without issue during business hours and events, but become student and employee only parking after hours which require a permit.

- No Overnight are public areas that can be used until 11 p.m. but will be ticketed if the vehicle is left overnight regardless of permit unless the stall is reserved/handicap.

- Public areas are public roads which the college has not annexed. These can be used by everyone with city regulations being explained below.

City Parking Regulations

The City of Beloit alternate overnight parking ordinance requires parking on the even numbered side of the street on even numbered calendar days and parking on the odd side of the street on odd numbered days. This is always the case unless otherwise posted by official traffic signs. Further details about this ordinance are provided in the student handbook.

What is alternate overnight parking? The City of Beloit has an ordinance for alternate overnight parking. This is year round – not just in the winter. You must park on the even numbered (house numbers) side of the street on even numbered calendar days. This is in effect from 12:00 midnight until 7:00 a.m.

For example: You park your vehicle on Sept. 1 at 7:00 p.m. You should park on the even numbered side of the street as enforcement will occur after midnight of the next days date, which would be Sept. 2. Some months have 31 days – if you park your vehicle on the 31st, you need to park on the odd side of the street because the next day is the 1st, another odd numbered day.

Call the Municipal Court at (608) 364-6613 if you have any further questions.

Updated 01/29/23

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