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New Student Housing

Let’s find your home at Beloit.

Housing Agreement & Placement Questionnaire

All new students need to complete the Housing Agreement & Placement Questionnaire consisting of:

  1. Biographical Information: who you are and who to contact in case of emergency.
  2. Housing Preference: your choices for halls, arrangement, and health considerations.
  3. Placement Questionnaire: your interests and living style to best match you with a roommate (which is likely to happen).
  4. Terms of Agreement and Conditions of Occupancy: legal agreement outlining expectations, what you can and cannot do, etc.

It is important to complete the entire form, answering all questions honestly and thoroughly. We rely on your answers in the questionnaire to find you and others the best placements possible on campus.

Questionnaires are reviewed in the order they are received, with those submitted earlier having priority with room placements.  Submit yours as soon as possible to ensure you have the best chance to get first first-choices for residence hall and arrangement.

Complete your Housing Agreement & Placement Questionnaire

Finding the Space for You

Please review your options and decide which best meets your needs and preferences.

First-Year Options

These halls are designated specifically for first-year students and where most new students live.

Even if you are more interested in the upper-level options, still find at least one first-year option to include in your placement questionnaire.

  • 609 Hall: A co-ed hall that houses first-year students in double rooms, known best for its active lounge space and cohesive community.
  • Aldrich Hall: The largest hall on campus, with plenty of common space and ready access to student parking.
  • Brannon Hall: An exclusively first-year hall that commonly houses first-year student athletes.
  • Maurer Hall: An exclusively first-year hall with ”Maurer Link”, a large and comfy lounge space connecting it with Aldrich Hall.

Upper-level Options

Each year, there are some open rooms in upper-level halls that are open to first-year students. Space in these halls will be limited, so no guarantees that you will make it in.

  • 815 Hall: A co-ed upper-classmen hall made up of single and double rooms.
  • Blaisdell Hall: Blaisdell Hall is a co-ed building made up of single and double rooms.
  • Bushnell Hall: Bushnell is a co-ed hall comprised of upper- and lower-classmen. Students are housed in single and double rooms.
  • Peet Hall: The music, art, and sub-culture hub on-campus! Peet is a co-ed hall made up of primarily single rooms.
  • Porter Hall: Porter Hall is our all-female building on-campus made up of single and double rooms.
  • Whitney Hall: Whitney Hall is our gender-inclusive building comprised of single and double rooms.

As a dynamic residential life program, we are constantly changing to meet the needs of students. Some options presented here may change for the following year.


If you have special requests or need more information, please contact the Office of Residential Life at 608-363-2350 or

Students with a disability and need accommodations should contact Disability Services 608-363-2572 or

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